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An evening for our Under 35 ASF Young American Scots Members & Friends to join us at Cafe Tallulah                     70th & Columbus Avenue, NY    6pm-8pm  Tallulahs light fare -  Cash bar                     

(Complimentary A glass of Wine, Whisky or Beer)

Continue on after enjoying the evening at one ASFs favorite Upper Westside haunts

Tickets from $30 – Become a ASF Young Scot Member (35 and under) for $45 and event has no charge.

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Mix Mingle Cafe Tallulah

February 12th  - Save the Date Books, Browse & BUY in support of  ASF Library Collection 

5pm to 7.30pm

American Scottish Foundation,  575 Madison Ave. 8th floor, NYC        For the lover of Scotland, there is a book here for you                               - Choose from a large selection. 

To raise funds for the conservation of the ASF Library Collection of early Scottish books.

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  • Member tickets $20.00
  • Non-Member tickets $25.00

All ticket prices include $10.00 towards your first book:

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A Traditional Scottish Christmas Dinner

This holiday season, celebrate Christmas with a Scottish feast! Christmas dinner in Scotland is traditionally a festive affair, with multiple courses of hearty winter foods. If you want to feel like you’re feasting in the Highlands this Christmas, whip up these Scottish dishes. (Present your spread on a tartan tablecloth for extra Scottish flair!)

The American-Scottish Foundation has put together this guide to A Traditional Scottish Christmas Dinner using recipes from some of our favorite food-bloggers! Although Scottish Christmas dinners can vary by region and clan, most festive feasts feature variations of these dishes.

Prepare for a very “Blithe Yule” and “A Guid New Year!”

1. Cock a Leekie Soup

A traditional Scottish soup,Cock a Leekie combines leeks, chicken and rice for an easy, filling and delicious weeknight meal.

Image via A Communal Table

A traditional Scottish Christmas dinner begins with a soup course. Cock a Leekie Soup is a classic choice, as it’s often called “Scotland’s National Soup.” The soup features chicken stock, chicken, leeks, and – traditionally – prunes. This recipe takes the traditional route, using both a homemade chicken stock and prunes. The warming concoction is ideal for a snowy Christmas day – and goes perfectly with a side of bread and butter.

Get the recipe from A Communal Table.

2. Roast Turkey

Gin Brined Turkey or Chicken

Image via Easy Peasy Foodie

The main event of any Scottish Christmas feast is the roast turkey. (Although vegetarians may disagree – and would perhaps prefer this delicious nut roast from Thinly Spread.) Although there are many different ways to roast your Christmas bird, we recommend cooking up a Gin-Brined Turkey. Scottish gin will infuse your turkey with a unique, festive flavor! And we suggest using one of our favorite gins – AK’s Gin from Arbikie.

Get the recipe from Easy Peasy Foodie.

3. Neeps & Tatties

Roasted "Tartan Veggies" with Smoked Sea Salt, Honey and Thyme and other Burns Night Recipes

Image via Lavender and Lovage

Neeps and tatties (or parsnips and potatoes) are an essential part of a Scottish holiday meal. The Scottish vegetable dish is often served alongside haggis, but it will complement your Christmas turkey just as beautifully. This recipe adds carrots and beets to the mix of root-vegetables, and uses smoked sea salt, honey, and thyme for flavor. These roasted “tartan veggies” are the definition of comfort food – and you’ll definitely go back for seconds!

Get the recipe from Lavender and Lovage.

4. Oat Stuffing


Image via London Eats

Stuffing is a classic yuletide favorite – and for many people it’s the highlight of any holiday dinner! For a traditional Scottish Christmas meal, the bird is filled with a hearty stuffing. Whether you serve your stuffing in the turkey, on the side, or both, make it especially Scottish with this recipe for “Skirlie.” Skirlie is a traditional Scottish stuffing, using oats instead of bread. With the addition of butter, onion, and herbs, Scottish oats are transformed into a delectable – and gluten-free – holiday stuffing.

Get the recipe from London Eats.

5. Bread Sauce

Traditional Scottish Bread Sauce

Image via Mommy Perfect

Bread Sauce is a traditional British sauce that dates all the way back to medieval times! Although it is uncommon over here in the USA, it is still a classic part of a Scottish Christmas dinner. The sauce is made to accompany roast poultry – but it tastes just as delicious with other meats, veggies, or even spread on more bread. Classic recipes use white bread, butter, milk and onion to create a creamy and delicious sauce. This recipe includes a dash of Scotch whisky for a more distinctly Scottish flavor.

Get the recipe from Mommy Perfect.

6. Brussels Sprouts


Image via Delicious Magazine

Is Christmas dinner complete without a helping of (the sometimes controversial) Brussels sprouts? Whether you love them or hate them, they’re a must for a Scottish Christmas. Even if you’re not typically a fan, this recipe’s unique twist makes the sprouts much more enticing! Black pudding is pan-fried and added to buttery Brussels sprouts, making the traditional holiday dish especially Scottish! These sumptuous sprouts are the perfect side-dish for your Scottish feast.

Get the recipe from Delicious Magazine.

7. Clootie Dumpling


Image via Love Food

If you’re not too stuffed from dinner, finish the meal off with a helping of traditional Clootie Dumpling. The classic Scottish recipe is often served on Burns’ Night and Hogmanay celebrations, but it’s a perfect yuletide treat as well! The spicy, fragrant dessert is served with brandy butter. The word “clootie” refers to the cloth that the dumpling – which is full of dried fruits, spices and treacle – is traditionally cooked in. So grab your clootie and get baking!

Get the recipe from Love Food.

ASF Spotlight on broaddaylight studio …..a sculpture, a metal worker, a book & an exhibition

Earlier this year the award winning photographic team of Tricia Malley and Ross Gillespie of Broaddaylight Studios, Scotland were commissioned to take a series of photographs for a limited edition book around the installation and unveiling of William Henry Playfair, the architect who helped Edinburgh gain its nickname “Athens of the North”.

The statue was created by Alexander Stoddart, Queen’s Sculptor in Ordinary, Scotland. There are several examples of his civic monuments throughout Edinburgh

The statue is now installed outside The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh’s Chambers Street and is part of a rejuvenation of the street to create a public plaza.

The redevelopment project was jointly funded by National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh City Council and The University of Edinburgh University along with a number of private donations.

Broaddaylight Studios are Members of the American-Scottish Foundation, and ASF were delighted to learn that their photograph of Andy, metal worked at Black Isle Bronze Foundry, working on the Playfair, was selected as part of the Scottish Portrait Awards Exhibit at the Scottish Arts Club, 24 Rutland Square, Edinburgh.  The exhibition runs through December 2nd.


ASF Spotlight : Santa Dundee Dash supporting the Archie Foundation Tayside Hospital Appeal

It definately began to feel like Christmas in Dundee, Scotland as over 700 Santas took part in the first Santa Dash – all part of efforts to raise money for the The Archie Foundation Tayside Hospital Appeal.

© DC Thomson

Hundred of Santas running through the streets of Dundee with children in tow, dogs getting a good run – what a great way to start the holiday season AND raise money for a new 2 million pound operating theater.

View the video here https://youtu.be/5oBBOU5E_cc
and the report on the link below at

The American-Scottish Foundation® is proud to help support the work of the The Archie Foundation.