The site of the first recorded whisky distillation in Scotland unviels a new distillery.

Lindores Abbey Distillery in Fife, site of the first recorded whisky distillation in Scotland 523 years ago, today unveil a new innovative distillery and 7 million pound visitors center that will see Scotch whisky produced once more at Lindores.

Ahead of the first kegs of whisky in three years time, Lindores will be producing Aqua Vitae which will include herbs and spices grown on the site in 1494. There is also an Apothecary, Restaurant, Events and opportunity to become a Member of the Lindor Abbey Preservation Society.

The Apothecary in the visitor centre, is overseen by Heriot-Watt Universityt Brewing and Distilling graduate, Tim Foster.

Bee hives are being reintroduced reviving the honey production of the monks, and orchards are being planted where Scotland’s largest pear tree once stood

The records, artefacts and scriptures of their time at Lindores are displayed within the stunning new Cloisters of the venue, which will also serve as a unique event and private dining space.  The space can seat 60 guests at its stately 52 foot oak table.  The American-Scottish Foundation sends congratulations  o Drew and Helen McKenzie Smith, caretakers of Lindores Abbey – we look forward to visiting soon.

For more information on visiting Fife log onto VisitScotland to help with all questions.   To plan your visit to Lindores and to keep up to date on all they are doing visit www.lindoresabbeydistillery.

An Adventure in the Scottish Highlands in August

Lynne Friedman, a friend of the American Scottish Foundation, has just arrived back from Scotland and shares with us news of her recent visit to the Aigas Field Centre , which is Scotland’s foremost center for nature and wildlife study, and offers a wonderful base from which to explore the Highlands.

Arriving from the US into Glasgow, Lynn and her husband, made their way up to Inverness-shire,  to Beauly and the former hunting lodge and (magnificent) family estate of Aigas.

Aigas is the home of Sir John and Lady Lister-Kaye, who bought the beautiful property in 1976, transforming it into the first field studies center in the Highlands.  With parts of the house dating back to the late 1700s, the muddy boots and crackling log fires offset the grand setting welcoming guests to their home.

The Lodge sits in a beautiful secluded glen at the foot of the River Glass as it flows into the muddy flats of the Beauly Firth.

Our accomodation were very comfortable woodland lodges

“A group of young, knowledgeable Rangers were our guides traveling all over the wild Highlands and islands in small mini vans. I was impressed by their knowledge of this unique environment and its history.”

“We would return in the late afternoon to a Scotch whisky by the burning fire.  Each evening we dined in the Great Hall which was truly magnificent with delicious homemade fare.”

The Aigas gardens surround the House of Aigas“On the estate are pine martens, badgers, otters on the lake (loch), roe deer, foxes and a wildcat breeding program.         Sir John Lister Kaye is a unique, engaging  host and nature writer who has written nine books, some prize winning for nature writing. I have to say this experience was better than a five star hotel,” Lynne concludes.

For further information and to learn more of a stay at Aigas visit their website:

Ross OC Jennings is on a quest to be the first human to play the bagpipes in every country in the world.

Ross began his journey in 2014 in Tunisia, since then he has played in 64 countries – and has another 140 countries on his list to go to yet.

From Tunisia, he visited China, playing his pipes in a special location in each city he visited – he has played in front of the Taj Mahal, in Kenya, the list is long.

The The American-Scottish Foundation® were pleased to read the Daily Mail report to catch up on his wonderful journey… What a great adventure – with Pipes and Kilt one can travel the world!

Read more:…/Ross-OC-Jennings-playing-bagpi…

ASF Spotlight : The University of Edinburgh Business School Alumni Panel Discussion & Reception, New York

The University of Edinburgh Business School Alumni Panel Discussion & Reception, New York

American Scottish Foundation Members & Friends,  are invited to attend an alumni panel event hosted by the University of Edinburgh Business School on  

Navigating Industry & Career Challenges in a Fast-paced World

Thursday 19 October 2017  6 – 8pm

The Penn Club  

30 West 44th Street, New York  

This special event will feature lively debate on a range of issues, including Globalization, Big Data, Block Chain and other innovations shaping the future of a range of different sectors, from human resource management to financial services.

Discussions will be chaired by Alumnus: 

Moderator : Mark McSherry, Editor – Scottish Business Review (MBA 2001), with participation from a panel of fellow University of Edinburgh Business School graduates:

  • Olive Darragh, Founder and CEO of Zolio Inc (BCom 1985)

  • Pavle Sabic, Head of Market Development at S&P Global Market Intelligence (MSc Finance and Investment 2007)

  • Ashley Bendell, District Manager, Majors Accounts, ADP (BCom 1999)

  • Dr Allison Schrager, Columnist at Quartz (MA Hons Economics, 2000)

The panel discussion will be followed by a networking reception, allowing members of the University’s Alumni network, the American Scottish Foundation and the wider business community to “connect”.

There is no charge to attend.   

Please RSVP by clicking on THIS LINK directly to the University of Edinburgh Business School Events Page,

-  Click Register  -  Then on the drop menu click Visitor

-  Then you will complete the form  

-  Finally please click you are attending thr’ the ASF

If you have questions please contact the ASF Events office on

t. 212 605 0338 or e.

The 2017 Scottish NA Leadership Conference journeys to Canada

The Scottish North American Leadership Conference 2017 journeyed last month to Canada for the 15th Annual SNALC hosted by CASSOC & Guelph University under the direction of Christine Woodcock.

The Annual Conference is organized by founding members The Chicago Scots, American-Scottish Foundation, together with Detroit St Andrews, COSCA & CASSOC.

The Conference has been held in Chicago, Detroit, New York and Edinburgh over the years, this was SNALCs first visit to Canada – and what great hosts they were.

Organized to take place in conjunction with the Fergus Scottish Festival, the conference drew delegates from all over the States, from Colorado, Florida, New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit and on.

Richard Knight and Noelle Campbell of Visit Scotland were on hand together with Chris Maskell  of the Scottish Affairs, Canada.

 As Don Cummer of Kilt Skate Blog noted:

“Scottish societies across the continent are facing the same challenges of reaching out to their communities — both the Scottish and non-Scottish. We face the same challenges of engaging a younger demographic. And we can take heart from the leadership and best practices that have been demonstrated elsewhere.

SNALC 2018 returns to the United States, details to be announced shortly.

Jamie McGeechan to Play Archer in Robert the Bruce Film

Image result for jamie mcGeechen little fireOur friend Jamie McGeechan, aka talented singer-songwriter Little Fire, has some exciting news! He has been cast as an archer in the upcoming original Netflix movie, Outlaw King, which is now filming in Scotland!

Outlaw King is an exciting new historical epic that will center around Robert the Bruce! The film will tell the story of how the 14th Century Scottish “Outlaw King” was able to defeat the occupying English army in the Wars of Scottish Independence. The movie, directed by Scottish director David Mackenzie, will star Chris Pine as Robert The Bruce. Other actors appearing in the movie include Billy Howle, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Callan Mulvey, and Florence Pugh. 

Jamie McGeechan, who joined The American-Scottish Foundation® in New York to perform at our Burns Night Celebration in 2015 and during NYC Tartan Week in recent years, will be busy filming through the end of the year.

We hope to see Jamie back in the US in 2018 – that is, if he has time to drop his bow and arrow and take a trip to the Big Apple! 

ASF Spotlight: American Friends of Scotland’s Canals & Waterways

Help support Scottish Waterways Trust Crowd Funding Appeal for Falkirk Community Hub Center!  The deadline to meet the 10,000 GBP goal is September 13th, 2017 – so please act now.

In May the Hub, which acted as an outdoor “classroom,” shelter and community meet up spot for Falkirk, was lost to a fire – deliberately set.

The American-Scottish Foundation is supporting the initiative to rebuild the Waterways Hub, and offers you a way to support with a tax deductible donation via ASF Paypal Link.

The Waterways HubYou can also donate directly to the UK Crowd Funding campaign (this will not carry a US Tax Deduction).

If you have questions please call the ASF Office on t. 212 605 0338.

ASF suggested levels of support for the The Scottish Waterways Trust Crowd funding Hub Campaign:
$25   $45   $75   $150   $250   $500   $750   $1000   $1500

For US Donations click here and enter your level of support.

ASF Spotlight: NTS USA

The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA

The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA have just unveiled an exciting new initiative – “Project Reveal.”

Six curatorial inventory teams have begun to catalog and photograph all of the collections displayed and stored in 47 NTS properties, including Brodie CastlePitmedden Garden, and Culzean Castle and Country Park.

The cataloging process will take 18 months, as there are over 100,000 objects to be recorded!

Image result for National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA

Image via

By the end of the project, the NTS will have an updated and accurate database record of every item in its care, which will in turn help the Trust effectively manage these collections.

This will mean that it will be easier than ever for the NTS to share the history and beauty of its collections.

Most of the Trust’s collections are on display at historic houses, castles, cottages and workshops, which means that a lot of the curatorial inventory will take place in front of visitors.

We look forward to learning more about the NTS USA ‘s hidden treasures, and the exciting stories that “Project Reveal” will have to share.

5 Scottish Gins We’ve Been Sipping All Summer

Everyone knows that Scotland is home to some pretty amazing whisky, but these days, its the Scottish gin market that’s making a giant splash! Small craft distilleries are popping up all over the country, and even Scottish whisky companies are making their way into the gin market!

The majority of all UK-made Gin is produced in Scotland, including the biggest names in the gin market, like Hendrick’s, Tanqueray and Gordon’s. Here at the American-Scottish Foundation, we’ve been keeping cool this summer by sipping on some lesser-known, but ultra refreshing Scottish gins. Here are five of our favorites:

1. Kirsty’s Gin

Image result for arbikie gin

Image via

Kirsty’s Gin, distilled by Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery in Angus, is a perfect treat for the August heat. Named after Arbikie’s Master Distiller, Kirsty Black, this gin is beautifully floral. A truly Scottish tipple, Kirsty’s uses potatoes grown in Arbikie’s own fields. Kelp, carline thistle, and blaeberry botanicals give the drink a taste that is simultaneously earthy and oceanic.

Though this gin is delicious on its own, we recommend pouring it into well-iced glass of tonic, garnished with muddled blueberries, simple syrup, and a sprig of thyme. Lean back, sip, repeat.

2. Daffy’s Gin

Image result for

Image via

Daffy’s Gin, made in Edinburgh, is another one of our summer favorites. It’s particularly unique for its distilling process, which uses an ancient copper pot still, typically used for whisky-making. The gin features eight different botanicals that produce a powerful and vibrant taste: juniper, mint, coriander, angelica root, Spanish lemon and orange peels, cassia bark, and orris root.

Daffy’s Gin recently took home the trophy for the World’s Best Martini at an annual competition held in London, England. So, naturally, we’d have to recommend making yourself a Daffy’s martini – shaken or stirred.

3. Caorunn Gin

World Gin Day

Image via

Caorunn is a deliciously crisp gin made at the Balmenach distillery in Speyside, which is actually famous for its whisky! It’s the only gin in the world that’s made in a Copper Berry Chamber. Its unique flavor can be attributed to its use of Scottish water, traditional botanicals, and five additional botanicals with extra Scottish flair: rowan berries, heather, dandelion, bog myrtle, and caol blush apples.

Caorunn recommends serving their gin with cold tonic and sliced apples – and so far this method is proving pretty delicious for us!

4. Edinburgh Seaside Gin

Edinburgh's Seaside Gin

Image via

This time of year, we love being beach bums, so naturally we had to give Edinburgh Seaside Gin a try. Edinburgh Gins are produced by the Nicols of Spencerfield Spirits company, a family-run business in Scotland’s capital city. Their Seaside Gin is inspired by the Scottish coast, and employs seaweed, scurvy grass and ground ivy to give it a real summertime taste.

This gin is light and sweet, so we’ve been enjoying it with just a bit of tonic and a twist of lime! So pour one out, and hit the beach!

5. The Botanist

Image result for

Image via

The Botanist is produced at Bruicladdich Distillery on the island of Islay, and uses a huge number of botanicals to get its flowery flavor – 31 to be exact! These botanicals, which include mugwort, meadowsweet, gorse and wild mint, give the gin a powerful and unique taste. With a name like the Botanist, it’s no surprise this gin serves up a whole bouquet of flavors.

We’ve been enjoying this floral gin with a dash of rosewater, mint leaves and cold tonic. Throw in a few rose petals for a little extra pretty-ness!

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