Talking Statues

Established in 2013 by documentary filmmaker David Peter Fox, Talking Statues developed from his fascination of the stories behind the statues of King’s Garden in Central Copenhagen while taking his children on a walk. Originally, he wanted to make short films about each statue, but felt that the statues should tell their own stories. Today, with more than 100 statues already talking, Talking Statues continues to expand across the globe giving voice, perspective and context to some of the most prestigious cultural, political and historical figures.

The American-Scottish Foundation® is proud to partner with Talking Statues - a Directed Giving Project as Talking Statues works to give “voice” to statues honoring prominent Scottish figures throughout the world.

A voice for Robert Burns, New York Central Park

In 2017, Talking Statues gave voice to Robert Burns at the Mall and Literary Walk in Central Park thru voice actor Andrew Barret and dialogue by Wendy MacLeod. Talking Statues also provided voice to the Alexander Hamilton statue in the park behind the Met with the talents of voice actor Richard James Porter and dialogue by Marc Acito.

Since then, another 30 statues around New York City have been given voice. Acclaimed authors and actors like Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, and Mads Mikkelsen help to bring some of these statues to life. Additional work for New York City is being done in conjunction with the NYC Education Department to create a new monologue for coming statues in the project “She Built New York.”

Hear Robert Burns talk in Central Park

To hear Robert Burns speak in Central Park, please scan the QR-code (above) with your smartphone or copy the link into your smartphone's browser - you will then receive a call from his statue shortly after. You can not use the above link on a computer, only on a smartphone.

Two Ways to Activate the Talking Statues

The Talking statue can be activated in two ways. One way is to visit the statue and scan the QR code at the statue, and then you will get the statue talking.

The other option is to download the app, which eliminates the need to scan anything; just walk close to the statue, it will call you up using GPS. The call and the voice you get are the same. The difference is if you scan the QR-code, you only get the call; however, if you use the Talking Statues app, you can locate Talking Statues worldwide.

Help Support the Talking Statues Project

The American-Scottish Foundation is proud of giving voice to Great Scot statues, a designated project of the Foundation. ASF is a non-profit 501c3 organisation, and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. The Talking Statues is undoubtedly a success story that operates without profit and the benefit of any national funding.

The Talking Statues is pleased to work with The American-Scottish Foundation and the Department of Education to Launch more Talking Statues and beyond, offering a special way to support this unique institution that shares information about the Scottish bards in New York schools across America and all over the world.

We hope you will support us financially in this endeavour. We will display your logo or name on our Talking Statues websites and credit you in the app if you contribute $1,000 or above.

All contributions will be more than welcome, and we will immediately add you to our newsletter, so you will be updated quarterly on how we proceed!


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