Find Your Way Home through the Aberdeenshire Castle Trail

by Victoria Sharp

A must when planning a heritage tour of Scotland is to transverse Aberdeenshire Castle Trail since many of the castles at some point may have belonged to your Clan. Scottish Clan history is replete with frequent tribal warefare when the castle’s standard changed colors almost daily, so who claims the castle now is just the beginning of your story.

Although the Castle Trail leads you to just some of the more well-known castles of the Mar (historic province of Scotland that includes Aberdeenshire), Aberdeenshire boasts over 260 castles and historic homes, many still privately owned. Connect early with your clan family if they live in the ancestral castle. Click to to learn more about each castle’s family history. Click here for a nifty interactive map of the trail–You can follow the intinerary for 6 days or 3 days or create your very own intinerary

The castles of the trail are more than just magnificent artifacts, or turrents out of a fairy tale, and many restored to former glory, some are living, breathing family homes and social centers while others tell their family history with museum collections. And even better, some you can actually stay the night! The castles of the trail include 19 of the most famous and dramatic castles in Aberdeenshire : Dunnottar Castle, Crathes Castle, Drum Castle, Castle Fraser, Tolquhon Castle, Haddo House, Fyvie Castle, Delgatie Castle, Kinnaird Head Castle, Duff House, Huntly Castle, Spyine Palace, Balvenie Castle, Leith Hall, Kildrummy Castle, Corgarff Castle, Braemar Castle, Balmoral Castle, and Craiginvar Castle. Here we highlight 4 of American Scottish Foundation’s favorites.
Until the castles are open to the public, we have included individual Virtual Tour links—for more lick here,

Craigievar Castle, A Cinderella Delight

Craiginvar Castle, VisitScotland Facebook

Craiginvar Castle, VisitScotland Facebook

The castle as the theare of storytelling is what inspired Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle, and Aberdeenshire’s Craigievar Castle was one of Disney’s inspirations. The Castle is the present home to the Forbes family and formally owned by the Fraser, Keither, and Gordon families. So you a descend of a sept or the house, this castle breathtaking; magical in the morning and evening light of fairy tale pink, housing historic Reaburn paintings, armor, and ancient Scottish artifacts.

Here is the Virtual Tour link:

When open, there are guided tours every half and hour and last close to an hour. Craigievar Castle is scheduled for Day 6, Castle Stop 3 on VisittScotland’s Castle Trail.

Crathes Castle, 16th Centry Boronial Tower House

If you want to sleep at a castle, then consider staying at the castle lodge at Crathes Castle, which is a 16th century baronial tower house of the period. It is the former home of the Burnett family who resided in the castle for over 350 years, and bears strong ties to Robert the Bruce. The castle has enhancing fairytale turrents, gargoyles, winding staircases, Jacobean painted oak ceilings, heraldic shields, and a formal gardens and ancient yew trees. Just don’t’ stay in the Green Lady’s Room, which many say she still haunts.

Crathes Castle,

Instead, stay at the East Lodge of the castle, situated at the castle’s entrance. East Lodge is a single-story Victorian gate lodge with arched latticed windows and its own enclosed garden with a picnic table that is perfect for outdoor dining when the sun shines. Check availability, This

This castle is Day 1, Sstop 2 on the Castle Trail.

Virtual Tour is here,

Huntly Castle, the ancient Strathbogie Castle

Ancient home of the House of Gordon

Even those not Gordon Clan members, who take pilgramages to their ancestial home, are not disappointed with a visit to Huntly Castle, its ancient name is Strathbogie Castle when was granted to Sir Adam Gordon in by King Robert the Bruce in1314. The nobility of the ruin provides glimpses of its former glory, foundations of former castles are still visible, and the last palace, its Tower still a full height, was completed in 1602, with stonework, unique in all the United Kingdom, attesting to high royal regard. Also not to be missed, since there is a lot to see, is the brewhouse and bakehouse in the courtyard, the remains of a cobbled medieval road, the frontispiece and inscription on the front of the palace, and the carved fireplace on the second floor of the palace. Learn more here,

This castle is Day 4, Stop 2 on the Castle Trail.

Video tour here:

Fyvie Castle, And Stay in a Tower Room

A stronghold for the Royal family until 1390, the castle was captured and lost by multiple families and clans, including the Preston, Meldrum, Seton, Gordon and Leith, each laying claim by adding a new tower to the castle. This is why this castle is both fairytale and forteress, creating the finest example of Scottish baronial architecture. Within its ancient walls is a great spiral stair, the finest in Scotland, and the interior is magnificent to behold. Rooms are filled with antiquities, armour and lavish oil paintings. Since this castle is a wedding destination, your nupuial venue can be either indoor, or plan an outdoor wedding out in the grandeur grounds with a picturesque lake and an unusual glass-roofed racquets court.

Fyvie Castle

While it is known that William the Lion was a royal guest at Fyvie around 1214 and later King Robert the Bruce and King Charles I, you too can feel like you’re stepped into the life of a Scottish Laird by staying at the Preston Tower Apartment, located within the Preston and Seton towers of Fyvie Castle, and it is accessed via a spiral staircase, Furnished to a high standard with predominantly antique furniture, Check availability.

Fyvie Castle is Day 3, Stop 1 on the Castle Trail, and the Virtual Tour is here,

Balmoral Castle, Queen Victoria’s Favorite

Although today, Balmoral Castle is a well known Royal residence, it is open to the public from April to July every year for guided tours, click here to book,

The author’s 13th grand uncle, Alexander Gordon, Third Earl of Huntly, bought the castle in the 15th century, and it remained with the family until it was sold in 1662; the Gordon Clan lost its leadership during the English Civil Wars, which the Games of Thones is loosely based upon.

Additionally, the castle was the favorite of Queen Victoria, who the author was named after, where she stayed to find solace after Prince Albert died.

Balmoral Castle

The Prince gifted the castle to her in 1852, and what stands today is a rebuilt castle completed in 1856 for the growing royal family, the couple raised nine children. The grounds and gardens are breathtaking, still surrounded by Scottish pine and immaculate lawns and gorgious gardens. Only the magnificent Ballroom is open to the public, and when not hosting the Ghillies Ball that has taken place every year since Victoria’s reign, you can admire the collections of artworks, china and silver, as well as exhibitions, then head outdoors to explore the estate.

Read more here,

You can even be a guest at the castle by staying at the castle cottage; and there are many to choose from, and some are specifically designed for wheelchair accessibility. Please note that the holiday cottages are not available for some weeks during The Royal Visit. Book here,

and here

And he sure to watch the castle’s Squirrel Cam since Charles, the Prince of Wales, is very fond of them, and it is to shine a spotlight on the preservation of the endangered red squirrels of Scotland,, so consider donating to save these quirky and beautiful animals at

Endangered red squirrel

Balmoral Castle is Day 6, Stop 2 on the Castle Trail, and Virtual Tour is here,

The Castle B&B Inverness

However, if you prefer to base yourself in Inverness and not stay at a castle, consider staying at The Castle B&B, rave reviews on Airbnb, and it is in the heart of historic Inverness with quick access to the Castle Trail.

The Castle B&B Inverness

Your family’s history beats a movie any day! Bon Vogage, Live Happily Ever After, make your Castle Trail “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Even Virually!

About the Author:
Victoria Sharp is the great grand daughter of John George Gordon Sharp, arrived in the USA in 1886, and whose parents, John Gordon Sharp and Jessie Gordon married as first cousins and who both descend from Sir Adam Gordon. Ms. Sharp is a member of the House of Gordon USA, see


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts and cultural festival in the world and is very dear to our hearts at The American-Scottish Foundation®.

It’s a unique and life changing experience for those who attend given the incredible range of cultural and arts events, performances and activities available each year at the Festival.

Taking place within the unique beauty that is the City of Edinburgh itself, a captivating city full of incredible history and architecture The Edinburgh Fringe Festival draws people from all over the world who return year upon year for this incredible experience.

With the festival unable to go ahead as usual this year due to Covid-19, ASF shares the exciting news that the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will be going virtual for 2020!

A program of events has been announced by the Festival including performances, workshops, activities and discussions all in a virtual format this year.

Starting on Friday August 7th, AJ Bell Fringe on Friday will be a weekly live streamed show featuring a line up of artists representing the wide variety of talent at the Fringe. Streaming on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th August each show will feature 9 acts each night all for £9 (less than $12 a night!).

All monies raised will go towards the artists and venues therefore it’s vital that we get behind the Fringe on Friday event! Acts confirmed so far include Craig Hill, Daniel Sloss, Fern Brady and Sadia Azmat

Craig Hill

You can purchase your ticket directly from the Fringemakers page on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival website here

Find out how YOU can GET INVOLVED with the Fringe this year as patrons are invited to PARTICIPATE in the Fringe! The Fringe Pick N Mix is a streaming platform where artists AND audiences can share short video clips to celebrate the spirit of The Fringe! Viewers can pick a clip to watch or tune into a mixed stream of submissions from people all over the world. To share your video go to

It is vitally important that we continue to patronize the events of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with their online events as the festival is an instrumental driver of the Scottish economy and provides us with unique and unforgettable experiences year on year. To experience the Festival is to have a life changing experience.

Artists who were due to perform at the Festival this year can also submit their event listings online to be displayed on the Festival listings guide online. Only those who were already registered to perform this year or who have performed last year are able to apply however all listings are at the discretion of the Festival. For more information see

In addition to being able to enjoy events and activities from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe there are many wonderful pieces of merchandise available for sale online from the Fringe Shop online , the sales of which will go towards protecting the legacy of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

If you would like to make a donation directly to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, knowing that your donation will help to preserve the legacy of this incredible and unique festival you can do so here 

With so many opportunities to engage with and support the Edinburgh Festival Fringe we encourage our members and friends to get behind the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year!

HIGHLAND GAMES UPDATE ; JULY 27 2020 – Virtual Highland Games are now being planned – we share news and updates


Recent messages from ASF Members and friends show how important Highland Games are to our community, and so we are delighted this week to share news around Virtual Highland Games that are now planned in August.

August 1st Chicago Scots are among those in the Scottish-American community who are leading the way in providing a safe, meaningful alternative to live games in this era of COVID-19 with some form of streaming event.  As the Chicago Scots so aptly put it, “ On Saturday, August 1st we are bringing the fun and traditions to you-wherever you are! ”  

August 1 Colorado Scottish Festival & Rocky Mountain Highland Games has announced a virtual online program through Facebook is being planned.

August 2 – Montreal Highland Games – virtual Piping Competition just announced

August 7 -9 Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games – Virtual Ceilidh just announced!

September 19 -20 We have also heard that NHScot are bringing theNH Highland Games to us virtually

Michael Reid, ASF Board Director shares with us the late Summer/Fall Highland Games that are scheduled – Keep up to date with ASF News via our Facebook and website.

Last week, the organizers of Grandfather Mountain also had a streaming concert in lieu of games.  
Later in October this year, the Celtic Colors event in Nova Scotia will be a streaming festival.  While a virtual event is not the same experience as a games with caber toss, sheaf toss, IrnBru, ginger beer, Scotch eggs, fish & chips and ice cream, it nonetheless provides an opportunity for the community to gather and celebrate Scottish and Celtic culture and maintain an active event for annual continuity.  

In addition, we are providing the following update on Highland Games and related events through the end of August (we’ll report on September, October and November in later editions as so much in flux)


August 8 -9 Cold Spring Village Celtic Festival, NJ- still on

August 15-16 Amherst Scottish Festival & Highland Games – – smaller event will take place but online reservations only

August 22 – Douglas County, OR Highland Games & Gathering –still on

One of a Highland Games most popular events –
the heavy athletics and the throwing of the Hammer is one of the most popular – weighing 22lbs.

August Games Cancellations:
–  Monterrey Scottish Games & Celtic Festival – Cancelled –
– Central NY Scottish Games & Cancelled
-Loch Norman Highland Games -Cancelled   

–  Maine Highland Games – Cancelled
– Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival (MT) – Cancelled
– Long Island Scottish Festival and Highland Games – Cancelled

With so much in flux we ask that you stay in touch with the organizing committee of the games you normally attend and check status as with the ongoing challenges of Covid-19 all is subject to change.
ASF will share updates as we learn more. Keep up to date with ASF News on our website and Facebook pages. ___________________________________________________________________________ As of July 9th the following report covered Fall Games

September Games

ScotFest, Okl – September 18-20 IS CANCELLED

Springfield Area Highland Games & Celtic Festival (IL) – September 26

October Games – Arkansas Scottish Festival – October 9-11- Northeast FL Scottish Games & Highland Festival – October 11- Red Stone Highland Games Utah, October 14 -15- Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games, Decatur, October 18-20- Iron Thistle Scottish Festival OKL, October 16-18

November Games- Coastal Highlands Games, SC – November 14 – Dunedin Scottish Games, FL – postponed to November 21-22, new location: Dunedin Community CenterV

Awaiting Dates we are hoping for this Fall- Latta Celtic Festival (North Carolina) – postpone – new date tbd – Sherman Celtic Festival & Highland Games (Texas) – new date tbd – Ormond Beach Celtic Fest (FL) – Postponed – new date tbd – Cheyenne Celtic Music & Arts Festival – Postponed – new date tbd – Celtic Fling & Highland Games (PA) – Postponed – new date tbd – Pikes Peak Celtic Festival (CO) – Postponed – new date tbd – Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games – Postponed – new dates tbd – Savannah Highland Games (SC) – Postponed – new dates tbd (website says both postponed and cancelled…..) AD

ASF Fortnightly ScotsInUS Podcasts : Music and Conversation

The American Scottish Foundation is proud to present our fortnightly ScotsInUS Podcast…..

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Presented on the second and fourth Monday of the month ASF’s podcasts spotlight the ASF, partners, events and initiatives taking place in the community.

Hosted by Jamie McGeechan, featuring weekly guests and contributors we feature a wide range of news, events and music all with a focus on Scotland and throughout the American Scottish community in North America.

Listen to our podcast using our ANCHOR platform or on SPOTIFY


US LOVE OF TARTAN & THE Highland Games go Virtual!

Joining us In Conversation:

Peter Wilson, President of Great Scot InternationalThe Scottish Grocer & President Scottish Heritage USA as he shares with us his experiences of importing Scottish goods into the USA, supplying us with wonderful tartans, textiles, luxury items and goods.

Continuing with conversation around Virtual Highland Games taking place in coming weeks our guest contributors are:

Gus Noble, President of the Chicago Scots

Deb Dalziel from Fergus Scottish Festival

Amy Lehman, Program Coordinator, New Hampshire Highland Games

We have wonderful music from Seán Heely, Meredith McCrindle Harpist and Seán Gray & Andrew Finn Magill.


“In Conversation” – With all events cancelled due to Covid-19, a pivot was made around the leading April events. Camilla Hellman, President, American Scottish Foundation, discusses the virtual recognition of National Tartan Day, The Declaration of Arbroath Anniversary and other important April events that the community looked to not overlook.

With music from Alan Frew, Hannah Read and Colin Hunter

MAY 11 CLANS, THE LORD LYON AND HIGHLAND GAMES 2020 “In Conversation” with John King Bellassai, Council of Scottish Clans and Associations.  Bellassai discusses the state of the US Scottish Clans and the role played by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. The historic role of Joseph Morrow, Lord Lyon King of Arms is also explained explained as well as the challenges facing the Highland Games in 2020.

With music from Whisky Kiss, Fellswater, Tullamore and Ed Miller


“In Conversation” with David Stirling, Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador for Arbikie Highland Estate as David discusses their f fresh and exciting approach to distilling as well as informing us about Arbikie’s environmentally conscious ethos and their exciting and innovative range of gins, vodkas and rye.

Greg King, Brand Ambassador for Glendronach and BenRiach joins us to explain all about the fascinating history of Glendronach, one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. Based in the Valley of Forgue in the East Highland Hills, Glendronach has been in operation for nearly 200 years.

With music from Have Mercy Las Vegas, John Rush and Laura McGhee.


In this episode ‘Come Dance – The World of the Ceilidh” we explore the great Scottish tradition that is the ceilidh and talk with top Scottish music talents to explore their contemporary and progressive approaches to the ceilidh. 

“In Conversation” with Whisky Kiss – the chart topping Ceilidh Band
and award winning musical theater composers, Noisemaker

Camilla Hellman, ASF President and Jamie close with a round up of news from within the Scottish American diaspora.


A look back and reflection on our first four episodes of the ScotsinUS Podcast as we discuss our wonderful guests and music on the podcast. Featuring a news round up and message from ASF President Camilla Hellman as we look forward to the months ahead.


Exploring Scottish Roots” – In this episode of the podcast we talk with renowned genealogist, heraldist and author Dr Bruce Durie as we discuss how to trace your Scottish ancestry and explore your Scottish roots. We are also In Conversation with Bart Forbes, President of the Clan Forbes Society as we talk about the wonderful energy and drive that Bart has brought to the Clan Forbes Society.

With music from Lisa Kowalski, Anna MacDonald, Mike Nisbet, Gleadhraich.


On this episode of the ScotsInUS Podcast from the American Scottish Foundation we explore the legacy of Robert Burns in music, poetry and conversation. 

Joining us In Conversation: Kenneth Donnelly, President of the Burns Society of the City of New York.
Hugh Farrell, Chair of the Friends of The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.
Alistair McCulloch, Scottish fiddle virtuoso and sole custodian of the famous ‘Gregg Violin’ thought to have been played by Robert Burns himself.

With music from Anna MacDonald, Jamie McGeechan, Fraya Thomsen and Mr McFalls Chamber.

If you would like to get in touch with any news or events please email us:





This Month in History

Every month the American Scottish Foundation spotlights a person or event that illustrates the shared and enduring history, culture, and kinship between the America and Scotland.


Jane Randolph Jefferson

This  July The American-Scottish Foundation® spotlights  Jane Randolph Jefferson, who was born in the United Kingdom, to English and Scottish parents in 1720. Villanova University‘s Catherine Kerrison, in her book, Jefferson’s Daughters, which this year’s Daughters of the American Revolution National Headquarters Continental Congress spotlighted, wrote that Jane was proud of her Scottish heritage. Jane was a member of the Randolph Clan–the Randolphs had long been squires in England and Scotland.

As the Jefferson family’s “genealogist,” she was not only considered to be among the first families of the Virginia Colony, she thought the telling of family history important enough for her son Thomas Jefferson to once state that his maternal side could “trace their pedigree far back to England and Scotland…”.

University of Edinburgh

Not surprisingly, Jane’s first cousin twice removed, Thomas Mann Randolph Jr., studied at the The University of Edinburgh in 1785 before marrying Thomas Jefferson’s daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph in 1790.

It undeniable that Jane’s background coupled with Scottish Enlightenment thinkers that he encountered in his studies at the College of William & Mary allowed him exposure to the ideas expressed in the The Declaration of Arbroath 700th Anniversary Celebration—itself celebrating its 700th anniversary this year, which in turn is among the inspirations of his words in the The Declaration of Independence celebrating its 244th anniversary today

college at William & Mary

—John King Bellassi, President of the Council of Scottish Clans & Associations (COSCA) and Vice President of the National Capital Tartan Day Committee writes about this here…/

The University of Virginia holds a nice collection of Randolph-Jefferson correspondence at…

Nice synopsis of Jefferson’s ancestry at…/research-a…/jeffersons-ancestry

Authors Alexander Leslie Klieforth and Robert John Munro state in their book, Scottish Invention of America, Democracy and Human Rights 1st Edition, on page 243, that Thomas Jefferson was first introduced to the Declaration of Arbroath by his College of William and Mary professor of rhetoric William Small. See…/…/0761827919


James Gordon Bennett

On June 1, 1872, James Gordon Bennett, the founder, publisher and editor of the New York Herald, dies. Bennett built one of the biggest publishing empires in United States history, his paper becoming the highest circulated in America in 1866.

Bennett was born in Banffshire, Scotland, and at an early age traveled throughout Scotland.

In 1819, he joined a friend who was sailing to North America, landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where Bennett briefly worked as a schoolmaster. to then sail south to Portland, Maine to teach there and in Boston, Massachusetts by 1820.

New York Herald Building, NYC 1895

He worked in New England as a proofreader and bookseller before moving to the Charleston Courier in Charleston,South Carolina. He moved to New York City in 1823, where he worked first as a freelance paper writer and, then, assistant editor of the New York Courier and Enquirer, one of the oldest newspapers in the City.

New York Herald June 20, 1861

By May 1835, Bennett began the New York Herald, and with it he transformed American journalism. Historian Robert C. Bannister considered Bennett a talented yet controversial editor who expanded traditional coverage by adding sports reports, a society page, advice columns, and election news while pioneering and coupling tabloid journalism with use of the new technologies of telegraph, pony express, and offshore ships to bring fast news coverage to reach the exploding market–and voters–of working men and women.

Victoria Mary Sharp, ASF Editorial and Marketing


ASF Spotlight on Scotland’s Remote learning opportunities

How often we hear from ASF Members and friends how they wish they had studied in Scotland – or could do so – but life has now made that impossible.

No longer true. Remote learning has changed all that.  Members of the ASF team have in recent years been undertaking several courses — and ASF as a bridge between the US and Scotland will in the coming weeks spotlight courses from partners and associates we feel you may enjoy

Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of a subject or earn  earn a professional or academic credential–a certificate for professional development receive college credit for a degree—these classes, taught by leading universities, are knowledge packed and fun!

June Spotlight:  Highlands and Islands from Gaelic to Music and Archaeology from your Home.

The University of the Highlands and Islands has 13 colleges spread across the Highland and Islands of Scotland – from Shetland, to Orkney to Lewis and Skye.
UHI offers a wide range of remote learning courses without you having to leave your home.

From Gaelic language to traditional music, to courses in Scottish History and Heritage

Degree and Certificate courses range from a year to four
and the next online terms begin August/September 2020

Gaelic      Traditional Music
History    Genealogical Journey        Archaeology and much more

For an overview of course and how to register visit :…/study-w…/our-course-offer/

May Spotlight:  Robert Burns: Poems, Songs and Legacy

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is burns.jpg

Robert Burns statue, Ayr, Scotland, UK Stock Photo

The course will allow you to Celebrate and Dig deeper into the life and works of Robert Burns with this FREE University of Glasgow online course! 

Professors at the Center for Robert Burns Studies at University of Glasgow will guide learners in examining the poems, songs, manuscripts and objects used to commemorate the poet – and give you a special insight into Burns the man. 

The topics covered will include the cultural reputation of Robert Burns as patriot, lover, and man of the people, as well as as poet and songwriter, Major works such as ‘Scots Wha Hae’, ‘Ae Fond Kiss’, ‘A Man’s a Man’, ‘The Vision’, and ‘Auld Lang Syne’, the commemoration of Burns in material culture, and the international celebrity and legacy of Burns.

Your Professors would include Gerand Carruthers, Catriona Macdonald, Pauline MacKay, Ronnie Young.

There are no requirements to take the course – except for your love of Burns …  and perfect for those with an interest in Robert Burns, Scottish history, poetry, song and culture. Click here to start today,

If planning a visit to Scotland, for Burns lovers, a visit to the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway, Ayr- just 40 minutes from Glasgow. 

US Release of Robert The Bruce is now set for April 24th across digital platforms as due to Covid-19 theatrical release is impossible with cinemas closed… so now enjoy “at home”.

Robert The Bruce is pivoting from theatrical release to digital platforms. .Screen Media has set the release for APRIL 24TH – full details will follow shortly.

This heroic tale not only coincides with the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, when The Bruce declared Scotland a free land, but also with the 25th anniversary of Braveheart from which Robert The Bruce picks up the historical timeline. Angus Macfadyen portrays Robert the Bruce in both films.

ROBERT THE BRUCE is an inspiring story of the courage of ordinary Scots. When their King is injured and hiding from the English army that controls their lands, a widow and her family nurse him back to health, risking their lives for the life of their King and their hope for a free Scotland. Defying their clan, which has pledged itself to England, and inspiring him to fight again, they join The Bruce as he sets out to win the long-sought independence of their beloved country.

Written by Eric Belgau and Angus Macfadyen, ROBERT THE BRUCE is directed by Richard Gray and also stars Jared Harris, Anna Hutchison, Patrick Fugit, Zach McGowan, Emma Kenney, Melora Walters, Mhairi Calvey, Kevin McNally, Shane Coffey, and Talitha and Gabriel Bateman. The film was produced by Gray, Hutchinson, Macfadyen and Nick Farnell with Executive Producers Carter Boehm, Sharon Cox and Mike Gillespie.

On this the 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath ASF share with our Members and Friends Lesley Riddoch’s documentary around this historic document and time.

Journalist and broadcaster The Lesley Riddoch Podcast wrote to the The American-Scottish Foundation® this morning – inviting us to share with all “Declaration” – a documentary on the history of the Declaration of Arbroath,

As Riddoch notes:
.. so as soon as we realised the corona virus lockdown would also cancel every celebratory event, my filmmaker colleague Charlie Stuart and I dropped other work and decided to make a film ourselves with help from Oscar-nominated composer Patrick Doyle, historian Fiona Watson and the actor Brian Cox

Only completed this past Saturday April 4th we share with all on this its 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath


Announced April 10th, by Lightyear Entertainment ETRUSCAN SMILE has come up with a way to support ones local cinema whilst viewing new movies.

50% of the net revenue from your ticket purchase will support the theater of your choice. List of Cinemas by State below, if no cinema in your area click another one to help!

As Lightyear Entertainment explains they had to pivot the release when U.S. theatrical roll out of THE ETRUSCAN SMILE could not take place as planned.

“We are proud to present virtual screenings in association with Film Movement Plus, and help local cinema partners at the same time”. Arnie Holland of Lightyear noted.

“Just click on one of the ticket links below to enjoy the film in the comfort of your own home.”

THE ETRUSCAN SMILE stars Brian Cox as Rory MacNeil, a rugged old Scotsman who reluctantly leaves his beloved isolated Hebridean island and travels to San Francisco to seek medical treatment.View

Moving in with his estranged son, Rory’s life will be transformed, just when he expects it least, through a newly found love for his baby grandson.

“Has energy and spirit, thanks to Brian Cox’s bright, charming performance.” Observer Rex Reed

“Delights with a good mix of humor and seriousness.” Cinema Magazine Lisa Schwart

Based on the bestselling novel by José Luis Sampedro

50% of the net revenue from your ticket purchase will support the theater of your choice.

Good Year AZ Cinema Society of PebbleCreek
Sedona AZ Mary D. Fisher Theatre
Tucson AZ Galaxy Theatres
Davis CA Davis Varsity Theatre
Hollywood CA Arena Cinelounge
Long Beach CA Art Theatre of Long Beach
Los Angeles CA Laemmle Virtual Cinema
San Diego CA Cinema Society
San Francisco CA Cinema SF
Sherman Oaks CA Galaxy Theatres
Sonoma CA Sebastiani Theatre
St. Helena CA Cameo Cinema
Salida CO Salida Steam Plant Theater
Washington DC JxJ
Lewes DE Cinema Art Theater
Middletown DE Westown Movies
Newark DE Main Street Movies 5
Bonita Springs FL Prado Stadium 12
Fort Lauderdale FL Fort Lauderdale Int’l Film Festival
Lakeland FL Polk Theatre
St. Augustine FL Corazon Cinema and Cafe
Tampa FL Tampa Theatre
Chicago IL Gene Siskel Film Center
Frankfort IL Emagine Entertainment
Detroit MI Cinema Detroit
Grand Rapids MI Celebration Cinema
Gross Pointe Farms MI Patriot Theater
Traverse City MI State Theatre
Troy MI Emagine Entertainment
Plymouth MN Emagine Entertainment
Lincoln NE Ross Media Arts Center
Princeton NJ Princeton Garden Theatre
Albuquerque NM Guild Cinema
Santa Fe NM Jean Cocteau Cinema
Las Vegas NV Galaxy Theatres
Beacon NY Story Screen
Buffalo NY Dipson Theatres
Buffalo NY North Park Theatre
Cleveland OH Cleveland Cinema
Ambler PA Ambler Theater
Doylestown PA County Theater
Jenkintown PA Hiway Theater
Sewickley PA The Tull Family Theater
Towanda PA Bradford Regional Arts Council
Tunkhannock PA Dietrich Theater
Warren PA Dipson Theatres
Charleston SC Terrace Theater
Austin TX Galaxy Theatres
Belton TX Grand Avenue Theater
Roanoke VA The Grandin Theatre
Staunton VA Visulite Cinema
Camas WA Liberty Theatre
Monroe WA Galaxy Theatres
Vancouver WA Kiggins Theatre

For more information on how Virtual Cinema works, including how you can see the film on your home television using Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and more, visit: Film Movement


The American Scottish Foundation is proud to announce upcoming exhibits at Federal Hall March 20th – June 8th

In the Footsteps of John Muir an exhibit of photographic works by Award winning Scottish photographer Ken Paterson, tracing Muir’s travels, from his early days in Dunbar, Scotland to Yosemite, California, allows one to see the environments which Muir loved and did so much to help preserve. A series of images featuring landmark sites along the John Muir Trail, Scotland, which opened in 2014, is now spotlighted in the exhibit.

The Declaration of Arbroath – 700th Anniversary
2020 marks the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, one of Scotland’s most important historical artefacts.

A Copy of the Declaration will be on display at Federal Hall, which is said to have inspired the American Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration is a letter dated 6 April 1320 written by the barons and freeholders of the Kingdom of Scotland to Pope John XXII, asking him to recognise Scotland’s independence and acknowledge Robert the Bruce as the country’s lawful king. 

Visitors will view an English translation of the original Latin text, and learn about the context in which it was written 700 years ago.