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Shakespeare Theatre Company Announces 2016-2017 Season

The Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, D.C. has announced the 2016- 2017 Season.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the Shakespeare Theatre Company has become “the nation’s foremost Shakespeare company.” The production company has received more Helen Hayes Awards than any other theatre. Today the Shakespeare Theatre Company is thriving under the leadership of Artistic Director Michael Kahn.

The 2016-2017 season will kick off with a “Free For All” production of The Tempest directed by Ethan McSweeny. There will also be productions of Romeo and Juliet, The Secret Garden, King Charles III, The Select (The Sun Also Rises), Macbeth, and Women Before Women.

To find out more about the productions visit the Shakespeare Theatre Company website.

Buy Season Tickets today! Subscribe to save up to 30% off ticket prices, get tickets to Free For All in advance, get discounts on additional tickets, get free standby if you miss performances, and more! To purchase your Season Tickets, call the Shakespeare Theatre Company Box Office at 202.547.1122. The Box Office is open 12-6 p.m. daily.

Have you #ScotSpirit?

VisitScotland, a partner of the American-Scottish Foundation, has launched a new tourism campaign aimed at promoting the “spirit of Scotland.”

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The campaign will celebrate the seven traits it believes can be found within the characters of the people and landscapes of the country: warmth, humour, guts, spark, soul, determination and fun.

The official hashtag of the movement, #ScotSpirit, is being used to unite and encourage people across the world in sharing what Scotland means to them.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon launched the campaign, along with stunt bike athlete and viral sensation Danny MacAskill, Social Bite entrepreneur, Josh Littlejohn and Olympic athlete, Laura Muir.

This is one of a series of initiatives changing the way in which VisitScotland markets Scotland around the world, the key markets being across the UK, France, Germany and New York City.

A new TV advert has been created, featuring time-lapse imagery directed by Edinburgh-based filmmaker Ben Craig, and a soundtrack composed by Giles Lamb and performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. In Scotland, the advert will feature a voiceover by Scottish actor and Game of Thrones star Iain Glen. In the USA, it will be narrated by Perthshire-born star of the US hit The Good Wife, Alan Cumming.

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Malcolm Roughead, chief executive of VisitScotland, said:

“The new advertising visuals are breathtaking and I’m sure they will inspire many to make the journey to Scotland, but this is about so much more than stunning imagery. It’s about harnessing a nation behind tourism.

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“We want everyone who cares for Scotland to get behind this campaign by using #ScotSpirit and in doing so become ambassadors for the country and create this very special movement.”

He added: “Scotland is a unique place inhabited by a unique people – a combination that creates an inimitable spirit.

“The emotional pull of this spirit can’t be duplicated by other destinations. You have to come to Scotland to experience it.”

Have you #ScotSpirit? Get involved by using the official #ScotSpirit hashtag and sharing what Scotland means to you.

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West Highland Railway Line Sees Passenger Numbers Grow

For a magical train-ride, jump on The West Highland Railway line!

The West Highland railway line, which runs between Glasgow, Oban, Fort William and Mallaig, was made famous by the Harry Potter films. One stretch of the line, between Fort William and Mallaig, is featured in multiple Harry Potter films.

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The railway line, which was recently voted the world’s most scenic train journey, travels past some of Scotland’s finest lochs and mountains. According to official figures, it is now ScotRail’s fastest growing route. The trains were doubled on the line, boosting passenger numbers by about 14% in 2014-15. “The Friends of the West Highland Line” claim that it is now used more than at any other time since the 1950s.

Along with Potter-fueled tourism, a new school service that transports pupils from Dalmally, Taynuilt and Connel to Oban has also helped increase passenger numbers. The students may not be travelling to “Hogwarts,” but with such beautiful scenery, their commute is definitely a magical one.

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ScotRail hopes to attract even more passengers in the coming years when it upgrades carriages into ‘scenic trains.’ These carriages will be equipped with seats specifically aligned to windows for better views, as well as tourist information and high-end catering on offer. Passengers can expect to see these improved seats in 2018.

To find out more about the West Highland Railway Line visit the ScotRail website.

Six Scottish Beers You Need to Try

The rich history of brewing in Scotland goes back 5,000 years and is prevalent in Scottish culture. In fact, the ancient technique of using bittering herbs such as heather, myrtle, and broom in beer-making continued longer in Scotland than in other parts of the world.

Today, Scotland’s brewing techniques are still notable. There are many well-established and up-and-coming breweries throughout the land, with large exports of unique craft beers. The American-Scottish Foundation has compiled a list of six bonny Scottish beers that you should give a taste.

HoppyNESS – Loch Ness Brewery 

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Loch Ness Brewery is located on the shores of Scotland’s largest and most famous loch. The loch water is the very source of the brewery’s award winning range of beers. HoppyNess, Loch Ness’ American style pale ale, is one of its very finest brews. The golden orange ale has a fruity and spicy aroma, with a sweet, yet malty taste infused with pine. The herbal hops provide just the right amount of bitterness, paired with a grapefruit tang. This sunny, citrusy beer is a refreshing, light pale ale perfect after a hike around the loch. Find out more here.

Organic Blonde- Black Isle Brewing Company

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Black Isle Brewery is the UK’s premier organic brewery, making their beers exclusively with organic malt and hops grown on farms without chemicals. The brewery is based near Inverness, where the owners started off by brewing in a bucket in a shed in 1998. Their Organic Blonde is a light golden beer with hints of citrus and honey and a delicate hop bitterness. A full biscuity malt keeps the beer from being too fruity. Light, smooth, and extremely refreshing, this golden blonde ale always proves to be a crowd-pleaser. Find out more here.


Bearface Lager – Drygate Craft Brewery 

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Drygate is a young Glasgow brewery which started in 2014, and since its birth has enjoyed considerable success. The new, hip brewery draws in a young crowd with its accessible brews and hipster-y label designs. The Bearface Lager is a favorite among Drygate drinkers. The pale lager is clean, crisp and citrusy with malt hops of calypso, amarillo and cascade. This citrus spiced lager is smooth and highly drinkable. The “Tennent’s” of craft beer, few drinkers would turn down a Bearface. Find out more here.

Cuillin Beast – Isle of Skye Brewing Co. 

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The Isle of Sky Brewing Co. was formed one evening in 1992, when a few schoolteacher friends met in a pub and lamented the lack of good beer on Skye. Someone joked about setting up a brewery, and from that joke an award-winning brewing company was born. The Cuillin Beast is a pale, lightly sweet ale with traces of honey, caramel, cocoa and citrus. The beer is brewed with live Isle of Skye yeast and sweetened with organic Demerara sugar. Why is such a delicious beer named the Beast? Apparently, the foreman building the brewery asked if they made ‘beastie beer’. The old-fashioned beer currently brewing was so yeasty that the ale was alive with movement. Hence the Cuillin Beast was born. Find out more here.

Tundra – Black Wolf Brewery 

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Black Wolf Brewery is a Stirling brewing company named after a legendary Scottish wolf. As this legend has it, many ages ago Viking invaders made to attack Stirling in the dead of night. A howling wolf alerted Stirling’s defenders, who were able to save their town. Tundra is light wheat ale dry-hopped with elderflowers for a fresh, citrus and floral flavour. The beer was a Gold Medal Winner at the prestigious World Beer Awards in 2014. The refreshing brew would be at home at a summer garden party, but with a name like Tundra, it may be equally as welcome on a cold winter’s night. Find out more here.

Kelpie Seaweed Ale – Williams Bros. Brewing Co.

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The Williams Bros. Brewing Co. started life in the humble ‘Glenbrew’ homebrew shop in Glasgow, and now has multiple breweries throughout scotland. Their Kelpie Seaweed Ale is a tribute to ancient Scottish brewing techniques. For one, the beer is a Scottish Gruit, which is an ale brewed with “ancient herbs.” Prior to the 1850’s, coastal alehouses in Scotland brewed with malted barley from fields fertilised by seaweed. This gave the barley a very specific, sea-filled flavor which the Kelpie Seaweed Ale recreates. The dark chocolate ale is brewed with sweet barley and mixed with sea salt. Although the over-all taste is rich with hints of caramel and roasted cocoa, the lightly salty finish will transport you right to the sea-side. Find out more here.

Travel Itineraries Provided by VisitScotland

VisitScotland, a partner organization of The American-Scottish Foundation, has provided a set of travel itineraries coinciding with Scotland’s famous tourist routes.

coastaltouristroute Scotland has twelve famous tourist routes that lend to many new discoveries for travellers. The routes include coastal trails such as the Angus Coastal Route and the Fife Coastal Route, explorations of the Borders through the Borders Historic Route, and travels through the Highlands via the Highlands Tourist Route and the North & West Highlands Route. Scotland’s diverse landscape, remote towns and hidden villages are all waiting to be explored.

Find out more about these twelve tourist routes on

The detailed itineraries provided by VisitScotland are filled with activities to entertain and excite you as you travel through Scotland’s tourist routes.bluebell-wood-loch-eck-argyll These itineraries vary in length and theme.

They map out activities for visits lasting anywhere between two to fourteen days. The themes span Robert Burns, Scottish heroes, famous castles, and public transport.

inveraray-castle-argyllAn example of one itinerary celebrates ‘2016, the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design’ in Scotland, planning out four days in Glasgow, Ayrshire and Arran, Dumfries & Galloway, and Argyll. The travel plans take you through museums, gardens, castles and more.



Another itinerary, called “Scotland, the Home of Golf,” maps out a fourteen-day travel plan revolving around golfing throughout Scotland. This travel plan will have you swinging clubs in St Andrews, Aberdeen, Ayrshire and more.

To read more about these travel guides, or find help planning out your vacation, head to this link from VisitScotland and find the itinerary that’s right for you.

See you in Scotland!

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Au cours des dernières années, nike huarache noir femme a balayé les rues du pays. Son coût élevé et son aspect polyvalent sont devenus ses caractéristiques. Les versions améliorées associées introduisent également constamment de nouveaux produits. Après le lancement de la nouvelle version design à glissière, le nouveau modèle de chaussures Nike Air Huarache Drift est officiellement lancé!

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Air Max 97, che è stato popolare dall’anno scorso, è ancora caldo quest’anno ed è una grande carta vincente per le scarpe da corsa retrò Nike. Recentemente, c’è una nuova esposizione del prodotto, versione leggera air max uomo 97 Ultra’17 nuovo debutto nero grigio rosso.

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La base superiore è realizzata in un tessuto graduale e le linee uniche aggiungono un senso di velocità alle sneakers. La parte inferiore della tomaia è circondata da tessuti neri e argento, che assomigliano a un grigio scuro a una certa distanza. La scollatura, il logo Swoosh e il cuscino d’aria sono accentati di rosso per aggiungere vitalità.

La tomaia conserva ancora due materiali riflettenti, con una tomaia grigio-argento per uno stile fantascientifico. La classica combinazione di colori abbinata al design riflettente di fantascienza ha sicuramente un eccellente effetto del piede.
Precedentemente abbiamo riportato un Air Force 1 uomo a tema plaid, e di recente le altre scarpe popolari di Nike, l’Air Max 97, hanno anche lanciato un vestito a scacchi, che sarà presto disponibile.

La tradizionale porzione a rete della tomaia è sostituita da un tessuto a quadri, la parte superiore è di colore rosso e la parte inferiore del logo è di colore giallo. Il resto del corpo è nero puro, la parte inferiore della tomaia è rinforzata con un materiale nabuk e la linea superiore ha ancora un effetto riflettente 3M.

Lo stile classico e l’elegante e unica benedizione del plaid, gli amici a cui piacciono gli elementi reticolari non dovrebbero perderlo.

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Dunmore and ASF



ASF would like to introduce you to one of of our new members, Dunmore Scotland – our new members, to Dunmore Scotland – a vibrant new fashion label producing striking bags and accessories. Inspired by Scotland and made exclusively in the UK, each and every collection is crafted to guarantee outstanding quality of craftmanship.

Dunmore’s vibrant collection feature a range of ladies’ and mens bags, silk scarves and iPad covers. Putting a contemporary twist on heritage fabrics, such as Harris Tweed and Tartans.

The ASF Winter Raffle which will be drawn at our Burns Night Celebration is your chance to win The Kelso bag from Dunmore, a $425 value… Tickets are $20 each – 7 tickets for $100.

For details on the raffle and to purchase tickets download the form on the ASF’s main website. and fax to ASF on 212 605 0338.

Raffle tickets are not available for purchase via Paypal

Brooks Brothers


Brooks Brothers have just introduced a range of Scottish products in their own wonderful signature tartan.
NEWS FOR ASF MEMBERS : A reward for ASF 2014 Members :
ASF Members will now be able to register for the 
Brooks Brothers Membership Card, 
offering special privileges and discounts to ASF members. 
Contact ASF Tel. 212 605 0338  or Email :