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Barbour Hosting Westies & Scotties in the New York Tartan Day Parade

This year, Barbour, the iconic British clothing brand, will sponsor one of the most well-loved units of the New York Tartan Day Parade: the Scottie and Westie Tartan Dog Pack.

32bfe2ec-0358-46bf-8234-18633183baecThe Barbour Westie in his Barbour dog coat

Thousands of marchers are expected to take part in the parade, and over one hundred of them will be well dressed Scottie and West Highland White Terriers, who will sport trademark Barbour tartan coats as they march up Sixth Avenue with their owners.

Tom Hooven, General Manager of Barbour Inc. said:

“The Tartan Day Parade gives us a great opportunity to creatively showcase our association with tartan and we look forward to taking part in the Parade with the Scotties and Westies.

“Barbour’s heritage is in the British countryside and throughout our history, we have had a long association with dogs both in providing clothing for their owners and providing dog coats and accessories for all shapes and sizes for our faithful friends.”

If you are in New York and would like your dog to star as part of the Tartan Pack in the Parade, send a photo of your dog to info@nyctartanweek.org by March 25th – and your Scottie or Westie may be chosen to receive a Barbour dog coat to wear in the parade.

Read more (and view a photo gallery of dogs at the Tartan Day Parade!) at Scotlandnow.com.



First Ever Mary, Queen of Scots Statue

Over 400 years after her death, for the first time later this spring, a Mary, Queen of Scots monument is to be erected in Scotland, reports BBC News.

Crafting the statue in the Powderhall foundry in Edinburgh, the sculptor, David Annand, commented that bronze monument, will stand taller than the queen herself did, measuring about 7 feet tall.

The Marie Stuart Society began a campaign to create a statue two years ago. President of the Society Margaret Lumsdaine said: “I think it was a gross mistake for generations not to have recognised her. She was our last sovereign queen.”

Once the statue is completed and unveiled, it will find a home at Linlithgow Palace, where Mary was born in 1542.

Dr. David Mitchell,  Historic Scotland’s director of conservation, said of this choice of location:

“What’s particularly interesting about this proposition – and we considered it very carefully- is it’s a very traditional statue and we insisted that it was undertaken using traditional construction techniques. Our apprentices have been involved. But it’s also been cast in the same way that statues have been cast for literally thousands of years.”

_81244938_mary_queen_scots_bustImage courtesy of BBC News

Read more at BBC.com.