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air jordan 1 cheap

         air jordan 1 cheap

Many people say that this year is a year of air jordan 1 cheap, and a pair of fires and a pair of fires, the market performance is really fierce. Players are also particularly keen to discuss new AJ1, so many AJ1 have been nicknamed.

Among the off white air jordan 1 shoes, the most famous one is the Fujiwara Lightning joint name. The price of nearly 20,000 makes it a sacred object in the hearts of shoe lovers. This year, a black and white AJ1 was released, and people couldn’t help but pin their love for lightning. They sent the nickname “Little Lightning.”

air jordan 1 cheap

At the beginning of the release of air jordan 1 cheap “Shadow”, it collapsed like “Little Lightning”. I don’t know which netizen opened the net, and combined its color matching with the page advertisement advertisement. The name of “slag ash” burst into red overnight.

In the spit and funny, perhaps also contains the old shoe fans for a color match fate and unwilling. Recently, it has also ushered in a small take-off. The threshold for starting cheap jordans is still not high, but it does not seem to be too good for this beautiful classic color.

Chinese players have their own set of sneakers, and their feet will be called “鸳鸯”. The inside and outside of a shoe will be called “Yin and Yang”. Yin and Yang AJ1 is the result of this naming system, but unlike the black and white yin and yang of everyone’s impression, this cheap jordans from china presents Chicago and Black Red two old gun-level OG color matching inside and outside!

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