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On this the 46th Anniversary of the first New York Scotland Week organized by the American Scottish Foundation in New York during November 11 – 19 1974, the Foundation proudly announces the deeding of a sizable trove of letters, photographs, manuscripts (unpublished), books, newspaper clippings, documents relating to the work of our founders Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton and his wife, Lady Natalie Douglas-Hamilton. 

The donation includes several pictures and prints and two magnificent portraits of Lord Malcolm and Lady Natalie. 

Lord and Lady Malcolm Douglas Hamilton had an immense impact on public life, both in the United States and United Kingdom. 

ASF offers special thanks to Lady Natalie’s grandchildren and her heirs, who made this possible. Decades after Lord Malcolm’s death in 1964 and seven years after Lady Natalie’s passing in 2013, their legacy literally lives on in the work of the American Scottish Foundation. 

George Mead, the Executor of the Mead Estate, and Lady Malcolm’s grandson coordinated the gift on behalf of the Estate. 

“When we started , we found books on Scottish history and culture ,which were clearly part of the early DNA of the Foundation.  

“Then, we located additional trunks filled with correspondence, photographs and writings by Lord Malcolm and my grandmother. 

“We were astounded at the amount of information which was preserved from the early days of the Foundation. It provides a great chance to see the energy, vision and dedication which was part of the early days of the organization.  

“It was only natural l these resources should be gifted to the Foundation, as part of its legacy. I and my sister, Libby Stowell and my brother Malcolm, are delighted this came together. In challenging times like these, it is easy to lose sight of the cultural foundations that are our anchor.” 

Kenneth Donnelly, the American Scottish Foundation’s Chairman notes: “The Board of the American Scottish Foundation, and the membership, are deeply grateful to the Mead family for the wonderful gift of artifacts and memorabilia describing the programs and contributions of the ASF dating back to the founding of the institution enhancing our archive collection. 

We accept this gift from Lady (Natalie) Malcolm Douglas Hamilton’s grandchildren with great pride and passion and look to conserve and share the rich history in relation to Scotland and to also her own additional involvement in international relations. 

The Foundations archive is greatly enhanced by this wonderful gift of materials which will help us in promoting the transatlantic partnership of America and Scotland.” 

If you would like to learn of ways to support the archive project and updates surrounding the collection, please see visit the initiatives page on our website here.

or email us at

ASF Scots In Us Podcast CURRENT EPISODE: Monday November 21st 7PM

This week, we have have turned our focus to children and share with you the wonderful work each of our guests are undertaking: Join us as we are In conversation with David Cunningham CEO, Kids Operating Room as we learn of the work of this Scottish charity who are bring children access to life-changing and life-saving surgery from Africa to Latin America, transforming the lives of vulnerable children.

 We are joined by Virginia Radcliffe and Ruby Zajac from Glasgow based Licketyspit  Theater Company who shares with us their innovative ways they connect and engage with young people and their families using music, drama and play.

 Author Pavle Sabic joins us and introduces us to the best travelled and kindest of Otters, Walter the Wanderer.

With music from Hannah Read, Alan Frew and Iona Zajac from Lickeyspit.

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Poppy Scotland – Light up Red – in honor and support of the Armed Forces community.

Throughout Scotland as a 2020 Remembrance Day Poppyscotland  have undertaken a wonderful initiative which sees buildings throughout Scotland bathed in red light in honor of Remembrance Day, and in support of their vital work at Poppy Scotland for the Armed Forces community

ASF share an image by young Scot and ASF Friend Martin Urquart of Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum part of Poppyscotland Remembrance Day Appeal

Scotland on threshold of European success. Sports report by Cameron Steer

Scotland are now one game away from the Euro 2020 Championship 

On Thursday November 12th Scotland will play Serbia in a play-off game in Serbia, the prize, entry to the European Championship Tournament.

With their recent victory against Israel Scotland now have a wonderful chance of qualifying for their first major football tournament in 22 years.

Should Scotland qualify for the tournament they would join England in their qualifying group for the tournament which would surely get Scottish football fans very excited indeed.

Scotland player Landon Dykes

It looks like the group cohesion in the Scotland squad is very strong at the moment and team spirit is high. Every player knows what’s at stake going into the game against Serbia and are keen to do their country proud. Scotland manager Steve Clarke has really done wonders since he started working with the squad, bringing in a whole new group of younger players, giving lots of debut performances to many of them and developing that hard to beat quality that Scotland have traditionally been proud of.

There are some injury concerns going into the game with James Forrest and Ryan Fraser, both exceptional wingers unable to compete however there are many good news players who are coming through the ranks. Landon Dykes has been nothing short of a revelation since he joined the Scotland squad and the return of striker Leigh Griffiths is a very welcome sign.

It’s fair to say the game against Serbia could well be regarded as Scotland’s biggest game in decades and with so much at stake the eyes of football fans everywhere will be on Scotland.

Scots In Us Podcast :

CURRENT EPISODE Monday November 9

Shetland Island Wool & Textiles Spotlight on Shetland Wool Week 

“In Conversation” with Oliver Henry from Jamieson and Smith, leading wool brokers in Shetland as we learn of the process of working in the renowned Shetland wool industry, the skills and knowledge of which have been passed down over generations. 

Janette Budge then join us, Janette is a Shetland knitwear designer and tutor with a great deal of passion for Shetland wool and textiles. Janette is involved in Shetland Wool Week, Shetland PeerieMakkers and the Shetland Guild of Spinners Knitters Weavers and Dyers.

With Music from Malachy TallackHom Bru and Filska.

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The Shot Heard Around the World

Feature by ASF Sports Reporter Cameron Steer:

The Shot Heard Around the World:

When discussing the greatest moments in the history of America’s beloved sport Baseball, some popular American sporting icons may come up, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson or Joe Dimaggio for instance. What you may not expect to hear about is a guy from Glasgow who sent the baseball world into a frenzy at the time for his three run home run which won the pennant for the giants in 1951. The shot that resulted in this historical play was dubbed “the shot heard around the world”.

The Scottish born baseball star responsible for this historical moment was Bobby Thomson. Bobby was born in Townhead, in Glasgow and had six siblings who all emigrated to America with him when he was two years old, in 1925. Bobby grew up on Staten Island next to New York City and as soon as he graduated highschool, he signed a professional baseball contract for the NY Giants in 1942 but almost immediately took a hiatus for military service before being discharged in 1945, thereby returning to play semi-pro baseball. Bobby had an incredibly successful career here in America, with eight 20 home run seasons and even three all star team selections. However it was his “shot heard around the world” which overshadowed these fantastic achievements and immortalized the Scot in baseball folklore.

The series in which the shot occurred was the 1951 playoff game for the pennant to play in the world series. The Giants faced the Dodgers in a must win final game of the series, and with defeat looming, with the Giants being 4-1 down, Thomsons walk-off home run transformed despair into joy, with the Giants going on to win 5-4 and advance to the world series.

The shot was heard all around the world because at this time, sports media coverage was beginning to bloom and so many people tuned in to hear who would advance out of the Giants and Dodgers. The commentators scream and joy “the Giants win the pennant, the Giants win the pennant!” was broadcast all over, and Thomson, for his incredible game winning play was transformed into a sporting hero.Thomson bounced around baseball teams all throughoutAmerica in an illustrious career which eventually came to an end in 1963 where he played his final season of baseball, all the way in Japan for a team suitably named the Yomiuri Giants.

Though baseball isn’t too common a sport back in Scotland, it is very apparent that Bobby Thomson’s influence has been felt, leaving a fantastic legacy in a more unorthodox sport for the Scottish people, as a testament to this in 2003, scottish baseball team, the Edinburgh Diamond Devils welcomed Bobby to Edinburgh where he opened their new home, “Bobby Thomson Field”.

Bobby Thomson passed away in 2010 aged 86, as a pioneer for Scottish sport, his legacy however lives on, as does his legend in the history of baseball.

Upcoming Scots In Us podcast: The Impossible Row – with Jamie Douglas Hamilton

The Impossible Row

THE IMPOSSIBLE ROW Jamie Douglas-Hamilton and his team of rowers became the first to row from Cape Horn in Chile to Antarctica, battling brutal storms and freezing conditions in the notorious Drake Passage – the world’s most treacherous stretch of water.

On December 7th at 7PM EST we will release this exciting podcast with Jamie Douglas Hamilton as Jamie takes us through his historic row which took place last December with footage and the story from this adventurer.

Jamie Douglas-Hamilton was part of the six-strong team who completed ‘The Impossible Row’. The crew set off from Chile to mainland Antarctica across the Drake Passage and became the first group to row the body of water between Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands by human power!

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Remembering Sir Sean Connery

It is with great sadness that the American Scottish Foundation shares this post today following the passing of Sir Sean Connery who had recently celebrated his 90th birthday in August.

In 2001 the American-Scottish Foundation was honored to present the ASF Wallace Award to Sir Sean for his outstanding contribution to Scotland and International relations on the steps of the Capital. The presentation, made by Alan L Bian was part of the Washington DC 2001 celebration of Tartan Day.

ASF Chairman, Kenneth Donnelly was present that day and shares a tribute and memories of one of Scotland’s great icons:

“Sir Sean Connery was an inspiration to all Scots around the world. From his days in Edinburgh working odd jobs as a milkman, then bodybuilder to world class actor he inspires us all to take full advantage of all the opportunities in life. “

He was fully involved in supporting the idea of Tartan Day in America celebrating Scots contributions to the United States. “I recall back in 2000 standing proud with Sir Sean Connery, Senator Trent Lott, Vice President Dick Cheney and many others on the west steps of the Capitol building as Sen. Lott read the Congressional proclamation of Tartan Day as April 6th. “

Picture this Sir Sean coming down the steps of the Capitol in his kilt where many US Presidents have been sworn in, raising his arms in salute and the crowd raising a mighty cheer, “Scots Wha Hae”. In 2002 Sir Sean once again celebrated Tartan Day with us in the US, but this time as Grand Marshal of the New York Tartan Day Parade up Sixth Avenue – a great moment that all of us involved in NYC Tartan Week remember or know is one of the great moments of the Parade history.

Video of Sir Sean addressing the crowds in Washington, D.C. as part of Tartan Day

Thank you Sir Sean for all you have done to promote the culture of Scotland.