Glasgow’s Fourth Annual Mackinstosh Festival

Head to Glasgow this October to experience the Mackintosh Festival, a month-long celebration of the architecture, art, and life of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


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Renowned Scottish architect, designer and artist, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (7 June 1868 – 10 December 1928) is an extremely celebrated figure today. Some of his greatest achievements include his masterpiece The Glasgow School of Art, which was voted by the Royal Institute of British Architects as the finest building designed by a British architect in the last 175 years. Other great works include Mackintosh House, the Mackintosh Church at Queen’s Cross, the villas Windyhill and The Hill House, Scotland Street School, and the intricate interiors of multiple tea-rooms in the city centre.



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Mackintosh strongly believed that an architect was responsible not just for the structure of a building, but for every detail of its interior design as well. To Mackintosh, a room was work of art. He designed unique furniture to fill his buildings with. He was also an accomplished painter who created countless beautiful compositions of flowers, and later, a series of landscapes of the South of France.


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The Mackintosh Festival in now in its fourth year. Glasgow will host a month-long program of events, many of which are free. There will be daily tours of The Glasgow School of Art, weekly Glasgow Style city walking tours, and a series of exhibitions and classes on view in the city’s many museums. Visit the Mackintosh Festival website for a complete activity program.

Journey to Glasgow this October to enjoy talks, tours, exhibitions, music, films, classes and family events. Regardless of your age, artistic ability, or knowledge of design, the Mackintosh Festival has so much to offer.