Fiona Kennedy on ‘The Skyline of Skye’

Fiona Kennedy, one of the Scottish American community’s leading ladies, is reporting regularly for Scotland Now. This week is of particular relevance since we just returned from the Isle of Skye a few weeks ago and that is where Fiona transports us to.

‘The Skyline of Skye’ tells the story of an emigrant missing his true love and also longing to see his home and that skyline again.

Listen to Fiona Kennedy, daughter of the late King of the Highlands, Calum Kennedy, perform ‘The Skyline of Skye’ as she reveals how visiting different places across the globe fires her up in her latest column for Scotland Now

Speaking of her own personal connection to the song, Kennedy called ‘The Skyline of Skye’ “a beautiful song which I first heard my father sing when I was knee high to a grasshopper. It’s not a particularly Scottish sounding song…..probably because it wasn’t written by a Scot. It was written by a Londoner, a great character, called Bob Halfin who worked in Tin Pan Alley as an in house writer and plugger for music publishers, Campbell Connelly. Bob’s wife came from Inverness so he naturally had a close connection with Scotland and also had a way with with writing romantic songs. My father, Calum recorded this song in the 1960’s and I always loved to hear him sing it.”