Top 10 Geological Sites in the UK Include Glencoe, Staffa, and Assynt in Scotland

Members of the public chose the sites they felt had most shaped the heritage of the United Kingdom.

Adventurous: Staffa in the Inner Hebrides, a volcanic island
Staffa, an island of the Inner Hebrides

The sites were among the “geosites” —  places that highlight the importance of geology to human civilization, such as a beautiful landscape, a museum, or historical historical site — chosen by the Geological Society of London that were celebrated as part of UK Earth Science Week (October 13-19). The top 10 list was selected by 1,200 members of the public from the Geological Society’s list of 100 geocites in the UK and Ireland.


The list is divided into ten categories, including landscape, sites of scientific importance, and human habitations. Glencoe was selected in the “Fire and Ice” category, Staffa in the “Adventurous” category, and Assynt in the “Landscape” category.


To view photos of all ten locations, click here.