Kodak Ghosts – The Glasgow Gals

Kodak Ghosts are an exciting young duo from Glasgow who have just released their new single and music video for ‘Till the Morning Comes’ and it’s wonderful.

Kodak Ghosts aka Sabrina and Erin have been hailed as the future of Scottish pop music and this music video filmed in Glasgow is a delight. With strong support for the single from BBC Radio Scotland with recent appearances on The Afternoon Show with Janice Forsyth and Vic Galloway’s Scotland Introducing Show it’s clear that Sabrina and Erin are really making waves in the Scottish music scene at the moment.

Kodak Ghosts – Till the Morning Comes

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Posted by Kodak Ghosts on Friday, August 14, 2020

Our music ambassador Jamie McGeechan caught up with them for a quick Q&A all about Kodak Ghosts!

How would you describe the Kodak Ghosts sound? 

Sabrina: “Our music revolves around spreading joy and happiness. The idea of creating a community is important to us, we want people to feel included and uplifted when listening to us.”

Erin: “Our main goal is to create a space where people can join us, let their hair down and be a bit wacky for a while. Things today are hard, especially due to Covid, we want to be a respite from that stress and give people a place where they can relax and enjoy. With the video we made for Till the Morning Comes we were portraying this concept in a very literal way – we want people to come join us in our world.”

What influences your songwriting and what artists are you a fan of?

Sabrina: “We take inspiration from artists from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (Blondie, ABBA, Cher, Dolly Parton) and combine it with our love of modern music (mine being Jorga Smith and Dua Lipa whereas Erin listens to MARINA and Florence & the Machine).”

Erin: “Our own personal artistic backgrounds (Sabrina’s in acting, mine in art) means our influences also come from the worlds of theatre, film, fine art and dance. Anything and everything is an influence and I think that allows us to keep coming up with new and fun ideas. We write with producer and songwriter Derek Fleming, and due to the collaborative nature of our writing it becomes a melting pot of positivity. Over the years we have mastered who we are as a team and the writing and recording process just gets more and more exciting.”

As brilliant Scottish talents with a fantastic future ahead of you what are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Sab: “World Domination. But in all seriousness we want to hear our music played all over the world and spread good vibes. I’m also excited to see the evolution of the performance field in general,  lockdown has encouraged artists to think outside the box, explore different platforms of creativity and alternative ways of expression. I’m here for all of it!

Erin: “You’re too lovely saying that! You know what Cindy Lauper says ‘Girls just want to have fun’. We want to spread positivity as far as we can, and get the world dancing. Once Covid has settled down a bit I think it would be great to start gigging again, but who knows what that will look like in the next few years. As actors and artists we want to create an experience and have people from all walks of life together feeling the joy of Kodak Ghosts.”

Erin as a student of The Glasgow School of Art does the history / innovation of GSA influence your music? 

Erin: “Absolutely. We were recently compared to new wave/pop duo Strawberry Switchblade from the 80’s as Jill Bryson studied at GSA. That GSA environment of being surrounded by other creatives, many also musicians, really pushes and motivates you. Because of this, quite a lot of bands have some sort of Art School background. John Lennon was a student at Liverpool College of Art, and although he never completed the course it still counts.”

Sabrina what has been your most enjoyable experience so far?

Sabrina: “For me the most enjoyable experience in our Kodak Ghosts journey so far has been filming the music video for Till the Morning Comes. As an actress it’s always interesting to encounter different platforms of performing that combine both music and acting. So even though I was playing myself in the video, it was an exaggerated version of myself and it was interesting to discover this new yet familiar person. Sort of like Beyonce has Sasha fierce as her alter ego for when she’s performing, I’ve found mine. Name pending.”

How does Scotland influence the Kodak Ghosts Sound?

Sabrina: “I am dual nationality – Congolese and Scottish – and I wear them both proudly on my sleeve. Within Kodak Ghosts I try to inject both my Congolese and Scottish culture into our aesthetic. For the video we really focused on the image of a tenement building, a longstanding symbol of Glasgow, and how we could twist that in our own colourful, quirky way.”

Erin: “We are always authentically ourselves and part of that is our Scottish heritage and culture. We draw inspiration from the Scottish bands of the 70’s and 80’s as well as the bands that surround us today. I personally have always had a love for Scottish folk music, and of course the unicorn. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that the unicorn is our national animal. It is important to be proud of where you come from and we are proud Scots, waving the Saltire for all to see.”

For more info on Kodak Ghosts see their Facebook page www.facebook.com/KodakGhostss