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HIGHLAND GAMES UPDATE ; JULY 27 2020 – Virtual Highland Games are now being planned – we share news and updates


Recent messages from ASF Members and friends show how important Highland Games are to our community, and so we are delighted this week to share news around Virtual Highland Games that are now planned in August.

August 1st Chicago Scots are among those in the Scottish-American community who are leading the way in providing a safe, meaningful alternative to live games in this era of COVID-19 with some form of streaming event.  As the Chicago Scots so aptly put it, “ On Saturday, August 1st we are bringing the fun and traditions to you-wherever you are! ”  

August 1 Colorado Scottish Festival & Rocky Mountain Highland Games has announced a virtual online program through Facebook is being planned.

August 2 – Montreal Highland Games – virtual Piping Competition just announced

August 7 -9 Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games – Virtual Ceilidh just announced!

September 19 -20 We have also heard that NHScot are bringing theNH Highland Games to us virtually

Michael Reid, ASF Board Director shares with us the late Summer/Fall Highland Games that are scheduled – Keep up to date with ASF News via our Facebook and website.

Last week, the organizers of Grandfather Mountain also had a streaming concert in lieu of games.  
Later in October this year, the Celtic Colors event in Nova Scotia will be a streaming festival.  While a virtual event is not the same experience as a games with caber toss, sheaf toss, IrnBru, ginger beer, Scotch eggs, fish & chips and ice cream, it nonetheless provides an opportunity for the community to gather and celebrate Scottish and Celtic culture and maintain an active event for annual continuity.  

In addition, we are providing the following update on Highland Games and related events through the end of August (we’ll report on September, October and November in later editions as so much in flux)


August 8 -9 Cold Spring Village Celtic Festival, NJ- still on

August 15-16 Amherst Scottish Festival & Highland Games – – smaller event will take place but online reservations only

August 22 – Douglas County, OR Highland Games & Gathering –still on

One of a Highland Games most popular events –
the heavy athletics and the throwing of the Hammer is one of the most popular – weighing 22lbs.

August Games Cancellations:
–  Monterrey Scottish Games & Celtic Festival – Cancelled –
– Central NY Scottish Games & Cancelled
-Loch Norman Highland Games -Cancelled   

–  Maine Highland Games – Cancelled
– Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival (MT) – Cancelled
– Long Island Scottish Festival and Highland Games – Cancelled

With so much in flux we ask that you stay in touch with the organizing committee of the games you normally attend and check status as with the ongoing challenges of Covid-19 all is subject to change.
ASF will share updates as we learn more. Keep up to date with ASF News on our website and Facebook pages. ___________________________________________________________________________ As of July 9th the following report covered Fall Games

September Games

ScotFest, Okl – September 18-20 IS CANCELLED

Springfield Area Highland Games & Celtic Festival (IL) – September 26

October Games – Arkansas Scottish Festival – October 9-11- Northeast FL Scottish Games & Highland Festival – October 11- Red Stone Highland Games Utah, October 14 -15- Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games, Decatur, October 18-20- Iron Thistle Scottish Festival OKL, October 16-18

November Games- Coastal Highlands Games, SC – November 14 – Dunedin Scottish Games, FL – postponed to November 21-22, new location: Dunedin Community CenterV

Awaiting Dates we are hoping for this Fall- Latta Celtic Festival (North Carolina) – postpone – new date tbd – Sherman Celtic Festival & Highland Games (Texas) – new date tbd – Ormond Beach Celtic Fest (FL) – Postponed – new date tbd – Cheyenne Celtic Music & Arts Festival – Postponed – new date tbd – Celtic Fling & Highland Games (PA) – Postponed – new date tbd – Pikes Peak Celtic Festival (CO) – Postponed – new date tbd – Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games – Postponed – new dates tbd – Savannah Highland Games (SC) – Postponed – new dates tbd (website says both postponed and cancelled…..) AD

Summer Highland Games Across the United States!

Highland Games season is upon us, and this summer brings a wealth of celebrations across the country. From Milwaukee to Monterey, Chicago to Colorado, join in the festivities and celebrate in true Scottish style around the United States!


May 2015

May 23-24: Alma Highland Festival and Games – http://www.almahighlandfestival.com/

June 2015


Newport Celtic Festival & Highland Games

June 6: Milwaukee Highland Games – http://www.milwaukeehighlandgames.com/

June 6: The Allegany County Celtic Festival – http://www.alleganycountyceltic.com/

June 12-14: Newport Celtic Festival and Highland Games – http://ncfhg.com/

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

June 13-14: Blairsville Scottish Festival & Highland Games – http://www.blairsvillescottishfestival.org/

June 19-20: Chicago Scots – http://www.chicagoscots.org/

June 27: Ohio Scottish Games – http://www.chicagoscots.org/

July 2015

July 9-12: Grandfather Mountain Highland Games – http://www.gmhg.org/homepage.shtml

July 25-26: Seattle Scottish Highland Games – http://www.sshga.org/

August 2015

July 31-August 2: Colorado Scottish Festival – http://www.scottishgames.org/

August 1: 166th Annual Highland Games in Livonia, MI – http://www.highlandgames.com/


The Highland Games presented by the St. Andrew’s Society of Detroit

August 1-2: Monterey Scottish Games – http://www.montereyscotgames.com/

August 15: Maine Highland Games – http://www.mainehighlandgames.org/

August 22: Long Island Scottish Festival and Highland Games – http://www.liscots.org/

August 29: Green Hill Highland Games – https://www.facebook.com/GreenHillHighlandGames

Both the American Scottish Foundation and the Association of Scottish Games and Festivals are members of the Scottish Coalition USA, a collective of six national organizations who seek through collaboration to strengthen the Scottish American Diaspora.

For the most up-to-date news regarding the Highland Games, please visit the Association of Scottish Games & Festivals‘s website and Events Calendar here.