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Cabar Crafts: Handmade in Scotland With Love

Image via etsy.com

Image via etsy.com

Scottish sisters Jennifer and Julie-Anne share a real passion for quilting.

In November 2015 they opened their own quilting business, Cabar Crafts.

Prior to opening the business, they would often visit family in the Highlands. There the sisters would spend many hours looking around local woollen mills and admiring the handy work of the weavers in the Outer Hebrides.

Image via facebook.com/Cabar-Crafts

Image via facebook.com/Cabar-Crafts

After falling in love with the warm, durable fabric at the woollen mills, the sisters decided to put their own passion for sewing to use. At first they made quilts for their own young babies using locally sourced materials from Harris.

Image via facebook.com/Cabar-Crafts

Image via facebook.com/Cabar-Crafts

From these luxurious, homemade quilts, a business was born. Cabar Crafts now sells handmade Harris Tweed quilts and blankets on Etsy.

These gorgeous quilts are handmade in Scotland with love- order one of your own here.

To find out more about Cabar Crafts visit their Facebook page.

Travel Itineraries Provided by VisitScotland

VisitScotland, a partner organization of The American-Scottish Foundation, has provided a set of travel itineraries coinciding with Scotland’s famous tourist routes.

coastaltouristroute Scotland has twelve famous tourist routes that lend to many new discoveries for travellers. The routes include coastal trails such as the Angus Coastal Route and the Fife Coastal Route, explorations of the Borders through the Borders Historic Route, and travels through the Highlands via the Highlands Tourist Route and the North & West Highlands Route. Scotland’s diverse landscape, remote towns and hidden villages are all waiting to be explored.

Find out more about these twelve tourist routes on VisitScotland.com

The detailed itineraries provided by VisitScotland are filled with activities to entertain and excite you as you travel through Scotland’s tourist routes.bluebell-wood-loch-eck-argyll These itineraries vary in length and theme.

They map out activities for visits lasting anywhere between two to fourteen days. The themes span Robert Burns, Scottish heroes, famous castles, and public transport.

inveraray-castle-argyllAn example of one itinerary celebrates ‘2016, the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design’ in Scotland, planning out four days in Glasgow, Ayrshire and Arran, Dumfries & Galloway, and Argyll. The travel plans take you through museums, gardens, castles and more.



Another itinerary, called “Scotland, the Home of Golf,” maps out a fourteen-day travel plan revolving around golfing throughout Scotland. This travel plan will have you swinging clubs in St Andrews, Aberdeen, Ayrshire and more.

To read more about these travel guides, or find help planning out your vacation, head to this link from VisitScotland and find the itinerary that’s right for you.

See you in Scotland!

Images via visitscotland.com