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Kelpies Sculptor Andy Scott Announces Gallery Show in New York

Award winning and celebrated Scottish sculptor Andy Scott has announced that he will hold his first major gallery show in New York this coming June at the Glasgow Caledonian University Campus.

Scott received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters this past November from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) in recognition of his renowned talent and creativity as a sculptor and his specialisms in the field of steel structures.”


Image via scottsculptures.co.uk

Scott, who studied at Glasgow School of Art, creates his monumental metal sculptures in his Glasgow workshop. He is most famous for his landmark Kelpies monument at Helix Park in Falkirk. He spent eight years working on the Kelpies, which are a pair of steel horse heads 30 meters high. They are the largest works of art in Scotland and the largest equine sculptures in the world. In their first year alone, the Kelpies attracted 1.4 million visitors.

In 2014, the ASF worked with Scott to bring the Kelpies to New York. The 20ft Kelpie macquettes were on display during Scotland Week 2014 on the Fountain Terrace of Bryant Park. The Kelpies attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the Plaza bringing a focus to the 100ft Kelpies which were being installed at the Helix Falkirk at that time.


Image via flickr.com

As Andy Scott says of the Kelpies, “They stand testament to the achievements of the past, a tribute to artisanship and engineering and a proud declaration of intent for the future of Scotland.”


Image via scottsculptures.co.uk

The Kelpies will feature in the upcoming New York gallery, depicted with the full bodies that one might imagine to be hiding ‘beneath the ground’ at their Falkirk site. The gallery, which will last two months from June, will also feature a show of small sculptures, photographs and other images. Scott is currently working on a series of small clay maquettes, which will be cast in bronze for the show. “The process for me now is different,” he explains,  “I am working on intricate clay models when I am usually hitting something with a five pound hammer.” 

Although Scott admits that the vast amount of work threatens to “do his head in,” he is thankful for the chance to share his work with an American audience. “When an opportunity like this comes along you would be foolish not to seize it with both hands,” he said.

The American-Scottish Foundation looks forward to attending Andy Scott’s gallery show this June and will share further updates on the upcoming GCU Exhibit as they are announced.

Read more about the New York exhibition here.

Learn more about Andy Scott by visiting his website, here.

Helix Visitor’s Centre to Begin Construction in 2015

Starting January 12, 2015, a £1.45m visitor’s centre at Falkirk’s Helix Park will begin construction near the park’s famous Kelpies, reports BBC News.


The visitor’s centre was designed by Dundee architects Nicol Russel Studios following an international design competition, and will include many new additions, such as a restaurant, shopping area, visitor information and facilities, and an audio-visual experience.

The iconic sculptures are a high priority in the design of the new centre, and visitors’ views of the Kelpies will be preserved and uninterrupted. The new centre is designed to blend into the landscape around it using grass mounds and landscaped roof panes.

Park officials have estimated that 800,000 people have visited the site since the Kelpies opened in April – not including the traveling, 1:10 scale Kelpies Maquettes, which visited New York City’s Bryant Park last spring.

It is expected that the new centre should open in late summer 2015, according to culture, leisure and tourism spokesman Adrian Mahoney.

Christmas at the Kelpies

Kelpies flyer

The iconic sculptures are featuring a floating pop-up shop at The Horsebox just in time for the holiday festivities.

Based on a barge, the shop showcases a variety of Scottish Canalsproducts, works from local artists and designers, and Christmas gifts of all kinds. Visitors can enjoy mince pies, mulled wine, artisan ice cream, hot chocolate, and other treats from the nearby Horsebox Café as they delight in the holiday scene.

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit one of Scotland’s quintessential sights in a spectacularly festive light!


Kelpies Site Wins Scottish Engineering Award

The Kelpies sculptures of Falkirk, Scotland’s newest cultural landmark, have recently been awarded national honors.

The Kelpies recieved the prestigious honor of being named the winner of the Saltire Society 2014 Civil Engineering Award.

Other nominations for the award included the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow, Waverly Train Station Renewals in Edinburgh, the Shore Road Bridge Reconstruction, and the Glentarken Bridge. The award, first given in 1981, was established to showcase and honor the greatest achievements in Scottish engineering.

Convenor of the awards panel, Gordon Pomphrey, said: “There is no doubt that the Kelpies have quickly become another iconic must-see visitor attraction and will be an internationally recognised landmark for many years to come.”

Created by artist Andy Scott, the 30 meter horse head sculptures reside in Helix Park, while the Kelpies Maquettes, two sets of 1:10 scale models of the larger sculptures, rotate locations, having been displayed locally in Scotland and internationally.

ASF is proud to have helped bring the Kelpies Maquettes to Bryant Park during New York Scotland Tartan Week 2014.

The Kelpies Maquettes in Bryant Park

The Kelpies at Gleneagles

gleneaglesThe Kelpies Maquettes at Gleneagles for the Ryder Cup

In celebration of the 2014 Ryder Cup, from September 26-28, hundreds of thousands of golf fans from across the world will be greeted by the three-metre high touring models of Scotland’s celebrated public art sculptures, The Kelpies.

VisitScotland has placed The Kelpies Maquettes at the heart of the Gleneagles tented village, which is the main public zone for the 250,000 spectators expected to attend The 2014 Ryder Cup over the course of the week.

As one of the most inspiring and awesome sculptures to be built in Europe, The Kelpies Maquettes have been touring the world acting as cultural ambassadors for Scotland and promoting the Falkirk area as one of Scotland’s major tourist destinations. In 2012, they appeared at Medinah during the tournament, and earlier this year, the Maquettes were sited in Bryant Park, New York, as a focal point for Scotland Week.

Falkirk Council’s tourism spokesperson, Councillor Adrian Mahoney said: “The Kelpies have become an iconic landmark and major tourist attraction for Scotland with the Maquettes acting as cultural ambassadors to promote the Falkirk area and the nation as a whole.”

The Kelpies Maquettes in Bryant Park last spring

For more information about The Kelpies, both the permanent and traveling exhibits, visit http://www.thekelpies.co.uk/

The Kelpies

Published on Apr 10, 2014

The Helix is extremely proud to present ‘The Kelpies’, a video by award winning filmmaker Walid Salhab.

Using a unique hyperlapse technique, this video features footage captured within a live construction site. Filming under these conditions is rarely possible; filming under these conditions using the hyperlapse technique is close to impossible.

Find out more about The Kelpies Film and capturing techniques here: http://www.thehelix.co.uk/thekelpiesfilm

Created from over 60 days of stop-motion filming across 7 months, and tracking construction through to completion, this film uses over 12,000 individual photos, none of which have been edited or manipulated beyond settings inside the camera. Walid captured 120,000 individual images to create this seven minute masterpiece.

Find out more about The Kelpies here: http://www.thehelix.co.uk/thekelpies

And about the ASF’s involvement in bringing maquettes of the Kelpies, for display in New York’s Bryant Park, here:

Music: ‘The Kelpies’ by Iglomat, composed for the first part of the film & ‘Tempting Secrets’ by Kevin Macleod

The Kelpies


Bryant Park, in New York City, will welcome two 15 ft tall scale models of Glasgow-born artist Andy Scott’s ‘The Kelpies’ sculptures from March 19th to April 22nd next year, in the lead up to the internationally acclaimed week of Scottish celebrations in the city.

December 18, 2013 (see the original release on PRWEB)

One of the world’s highest profile public spaces is to showcase a major new arts project which is set to transform Scotland’s tourism map. Bryant Park in New York City, will welcome two 15 ft tall scale models of Glasgow-born artist Andy Scott’s ‘The Kelpies’ sculptures from March 19th to April 22nd next year. 

Scottish sculptor Andy Scott, pictured with Duke and Baron, the Clydesdale horses that were the inspiration for The Kelpies.

The Kelpies – two 100ft steel horses heads which are the largest equine sculptures in the world – are the centre piece of the £43 million Helix land transformational project between Falkirk and Grangemouth in central Scotland and are expected to attract an additional 350,000 visitors a year to Falkirk – a town just 30 minutes’ drive from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

They will also boost the central Scotland economy by around £1.5 million per annum and provide the area with its second ‘top ten’ UK tourist attraction.

The Helix will transform under-used land between Falkirk and Grangemouth into a thriving urban green space. Once complete, it will be an outdoor recreational area open to all, offering easy access to picturesque woodland, a central park with a lagoon, linked walking paths and cycleways.

Thanks to terrific support from The City of New York Parks and Recreation, Bryant Park Corporation, and the American-Scottish Foundation®, the scale models (known as the Maquettes) will be seen by more than 250,000 people a day during the period they are on display next spring.

In addition, a program of lunchtime concerts is being planned around the sculptures on Bryant Park’s Fountain Terrace as part of next year’s celebration of Scottish arts and culture in the heart of Manhattan.

Andy Scott, the Scottish sculptor who created The Kelpies, said:
“The Kelpies pay homage to Scotland’s heavy horses which played a vital role in agriculture and industry in Scotland. They exemplify the best of creativity, engineering and project management and are soon to be the largest public artworks in the country, and the largest equine sculptures in the world – they have been almost eight years in the making.

“It is a huge privilege to be invited to display the Maquettes at Bryant Park, and I am confident they will help to put Scotland, and the Helix project, firmly on the map – not only for resident New Yorkers, but for international visitors to the city.”

The Maquettes have previously been showcased in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, as well as Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh.

Dan Biederman, President of Bryant Park Corporation, said:
“It is a great pleasure to work with the American Scottish Foundation and Scotland to host these sculptures and the ‘Tartan Week’ performances in Bryant Park. The park is one of the busiest public spaces in the world and a perfect location for showcasing arts and culture.”

The Helix development is being driven by a partnership of Falkirk Council and Scottish Canals and the construction phase for the 100 ft. tall Kelpies was completed in November 2013. Work on the site’s visitor and parking facilities is currently underway and the development will officially open to the public in the summer of 2014.

A spokesman for The Helix team said the unique agreement with the Bryant Park Corporation was a major development for The Kelpies and for Scotland.
He said: “New York City is said by many to be the cultural capital of the world, and so this unique opportunity to position The Kelpies as an International sculptural landmark and visitor destination represents fantastic recognition for the project, raising awareness of the beneficial impact it will have on the local area and on the whole of Scotland.

“It is a huge gesture of approval for The Kelpies to be chosen for this venue and a true accolade for the sculptures and The Helix. I hope that some of the thousands of people who see these sculptures on display in Bryant Park will take time in the future to visit The Helix if they come to Scotland.

“Bryant Park is within a few blocks of Times Square, the Empire State building and the New York City Library, and has a daily footfall in excess of 30,000 people per day and over 200,000 people pass by the park each day.”

The Maquettes have previously been showcased in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, as well as Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh.

The Kelpies’ arrival in Bryant Park is a partnership between the Helix Project, The City of New York Parks and Recreation, Bryant Park Corporation, and the American-Scottish Foundation.

Bryant Park is a 9,603 acre public park, privately managed by the non-profit Bryant Park Corporation, located in the New York borough of Manhattan. It is located between 5th and 6th Avenue and between 40th and 42nd streets in mid-town Manhattan.

For the Helix, Andy Scott and The Kelpies:
Charles Mann, Associate Director, 3×1
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E-mail: cmann(at)3×1(dot)com

Nicola Macnaughton, Account Manager, 3×1
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For the American-Scottish Foundation:
Camilla Hellman, Executive Director
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Video courtesy of The Helix

Video courtesy of ITN


THE HELIX: The Helix is a £43 million land transformation project being driven by a partnership of Falkirk Council and Scottish Canals. It will transform under-used land between Falkirk and Grangemouth into a thriving urban green space. Once complete, the Helix will be an outdoor recreational area open to all, offering easy access to picturesque woodland, a central park with a lagoon, linked walking paths and cycleways. The Helix will also open up Scotland’s canal network by installing a new full-length canal link and a canal hub featuring the Kelpies http://www.thehelix.co.uk/

ANDY SCOTT: Andy Scott is a world renowned Scottish figurative sculptor, specialising in public artworks. He graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a BA Hons in Fine Art Sculpture in 1986. In addition to The Kelpies, his portfolio now extends to over 70 projects across the UK and internationally including several monumental landmark sculptures. A selection of his portfolio can be seen at http://www.scottsculptures.co.uk/

FALKIRK COUNCIL: Falkirk Council is a unitary authority which provides all local government services for the Falkirk Council area. Covering 112 square miles, it has a population of 151,570 and extends from Banknock in the west of the region to Blackness in the east and from South Alloa in the North as far as Limerigg in the south. The area contains varied countryside, including areas of considerable landscape quality. It also contains the port of Grangemouth and depends for its prosperity on a broad industrial base which includes sizeable industrial areas in Falkirk and Grangemouth http://www.falkirk.gov.uk/

SCOTTISH CANALS: Scottish Canals is the public body responsible for looking after all of Scotland’s canals. It conserves the waterways as part of Scotland’s heritage, ensuring they play a vital role in the way the country operates. The environment and heritage of the canal network is integral to the work of Scottish Canals, and the organisation ensures the canals are managed in such a way to ensure maximum enjoyment for all http://www.scottishcanals.co.uk/

THE AMERICAN-SCOTTISH FOUNDATION®: The American-Scottish Foundation is an international not-for- profit organization. Its aim is to establish links and strengthen ties between Scotland and the United States, through the pursuit of contemporary social, cultural, educational, and business activities http://americanscottishfoundation.com/

BRYANT PARK CORPORATION: Bryant Park Corporation (BPC), a not-for-profit company, was founded in 1980 to renovate, finance and operate Bryant Park, one of the busiest public spaces in the world, without government or philanthropic funding. In addition to providing security and sanitation services, and tending the lawn and seasonal gardens, BPC creates amenities and activities in Bryant Park for over 5 million visitors each year. BPC’s website http://www.bryantpark.org/ has more detailed information plus a complete schedule of the upcoming wide range of free events.

THE NEW YORK TARTAN DAY PARADE: The New York Tartan Day Parade will take place on SaturdayApril 5th, stepping off at 44th and Sixth Avenue, two blocks north of Bryant Park and The Kelpies.

In 1998 the U.S. Senate declared April 6 to be National Tartan Day to recognize the contributions made by Scottish-Americans to the United States. In 1999, two pipe bands and a small but enthusiastic group of Scottish Americans marched from the British Consulate to the UN—our first Parade! Since then, it has grown to include hundreds of pipers, thousands of marchers and many more thousands cheering from the sidelines.

Website for Parade details: http://nyctartanweek.org/tartan-day/

Further historical information of National Tartan Day is available at http://www.tartanday.org/history