April 1st is here – April Fools Day – Huntigowk Day
In Scots, a ‘gowk’ is a ‘cuckoo.’ So in Scotland, April Fools Day was originally called Huntigowk Day, or ‘hunt the cuckoo.’ Somehow, it doesn’t roll off of the tongue quite as smoothly as ‘April Fools!’
Huntigowk was an actual 2-day event in Scotland in the 1700s. People found themselves being sent on errands for ridiculous, non-existent items, only to learn they’d been played.
Then, Huntigowk was followed by Tailie Day, which involved pinning tails, or ‘Kick Me’ signs on peoples’ backsides.
We should all take a cue from the 18th century Scots, and remember to have a little more fun!
Happy Huntigowk Day!

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