Monday May 31st, 2021
#ScotsinUs Podcast- WHISKY SPOTLIGHT

Join us “in conversation” as we spotlight Scotland’s leading export, whisky. We are joined by three leading representatives from the whisky sector in Scotland who join us for a fascinating insight into their organizations and their passion for whisky.
Lindores Abbey DistilleryDrew McKenzie Smith, Managing Director joins us as we learn of Lindores history which recognizes the Abbey as the Spiritual Home of Scotch Whisky. Records show that distilling first started on the site in 1494 – or before.
And now Lindores readies for the release of their “1494”, the first whisky from Lindores Abbey in over 500 years! Drew shares with us information of how you can tour or arrange an event at Lindores Abbey Distillery. The history is truly fascinating and we look forward to sharing it with you on the ScotsInUs Podcast.
Bonhams, Edinburgh – Martin Green, Whisky Specialist joins us to discuss Bonhams upcoming Whisky Sale on June 1st. We learn of some of past record prices attained and gain insight into upcoming lots offered next week, including The Macallan (1938), Black Bowmore (1964) and Bowmore (1955) as well as how you can participate in the upcoming whisky sale. Martin will display some of the wonderful whisky items which are available in Bonham’s upcoming sale. We look forward to learning all about the items on sale from Bonhams.
Edinburgh Whisky Academy – Jack Dalton introduces us to EWA sharing with us the opportunities available through their accredited online or in person courses to develop better understanding of whisky. For the whisky Ambassador or whisky lover. The in-person courses are delivered at the Georgian mansion,Arniston House, outside Edinburgh.
Interviews by Camilla G. Hellman, MBE, President of the American-Scottish Foundation.
Produced by Jamie McGeechan.
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