Now in its 18th year and taking place from 7th – 15th August 2021, Piping Live will be a celebration of piping, packed full of world-class performances, music sessions, recitals, competitions, book launches, and workshops.

For the first time, Americans can get involved in this festival which celebrates Scottish heritage and musical innovation, through the workshops and viewing online, the need to travel to Scotland. The workshops include an opportunity to learn Scottish instruments.

All online events are available for a week, post streaming, which helps with the US time difference.

Covid restrictions have led to innovation and pioneering musicianship in an ancient instrument. Even though it is seen as very traditional, piping is constantly evolving – there is a new breed of exciting innovation including neo-trad bands and progression of the genre.

The National Piping Centre in Glasgow, where much of the festival takes place, is an amazing venue and cultural hub which international visitors can visit in the future when the borders open.

This festival is the perfect warm-up to traveling to Scotland in 2022 or beyond.


Upcoming Events

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