Next month, on November 17th, social enterprise Scotland Re:Design will commence the annual Scottish Fashion Festival with a fundraising runway show at the V&A Dundee. The event begins the festival taking place from the 17th to the 21st as well as marks the return of the fashion industry as a whole.

The festival works under the theme of Equality, Sustainability & Technology, and tickets are available for the 12 amazing online and in-person events that celebrate the Scottish creators in the fashion industry.

With Scotland’s efforts toward sustainability and environmental responsibility, specifically during the times of COP26, the fashion festival taking place next month will expand upon these practices in the creative realm.   


Thursday November 18, 2pm 


LAW Design Studio with a presentation on the primarily Glasgow based    company with a market of women aged 25-65 that focuses on creating small batch orders made with natural fibres

freja fashion

Thursday November 18, 4pmOnline

Freja Fashion & Fern Photography will present non-binary bridal wear with a focus on acceptance of self identity


Friday the 19th, 2pm 


Jo-AMI showcases her modern Scottish knitwear in a virtual live exclusive where viewers are taken behind the scenes in every aspect of her collaborative process.

Friday the 19th, 3pm


Howeydon will present an online film about the infusion of Scottish and Ethnic minority fashion.

Friday the 19th, 4pm


Generation of Waste, a collaboration of Dr. Antoinette Fionda-Douglas of Beira; Mairi Lowe and Liisa Lehtinen, and the team at Sustainable Fashion Scotland, and Cassandra Belanger and the team at Zero Waste Design Collective Online explores what is happening across global fashion supply chains and will aim to progress sustainable fashion practices in Scotland. 

Saturday the 20th, 10pm to 12pm

In person, Overgate Shopping Centre

A Hayley Scanlan event that features an upcycling workshop for children as she discusses her new capsule collection “We Will Dance Again.” Hayley’s efforts in fashion include a goal of 100% sustainability by 2023. 



Saturday the 20th, 6:30pm to 10:30pm

In person, The Pipe Factory Glasgow

ReJean-Forij-Joell fashion show event, Joell and performers will showcase their new music and the new ReJean collection.  


Sunday the 21st, 2pm


A Fashion Interrupted NFT event presents the new innovative ideas of buying and collecting digital fashion.

Sunday the 21st, 3pm


Nephtali Couture shares the African roots and ethically sourced designs from her small fashion business. 

Sunday the 21st, 4pm


Ellipsis luxury women wear and singer Riley will collaborate in a fashion and music event focusing on the new young voices in creative industries.

Sunday the 21st, 5pm


Haxton in collaboration with Franz Maggs highlights the importance of creative collaboration, especially with the communities around oneself. 

isolated heroes


Sunday the 21st, 7pm to 9pm


Isolated Heroes will present a new drop and exclusive film to finish the festival’s events. 



Support Scotland’s fashion industry’s reemergence, its focus on sustainability and progressive efforts, and all of the creative individuals part of it. The full programme of events with additional information on each presentation is available online, as well as tickets available for purchase.



Upcoming Events

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