In 2022, we celebrate Scotland’s Year of Stories. After finishing two years of Scotland’s Coasts and Waters, the Scottish Government has announced the new direction of Scotland for 2022. VisitScotland summarizes what’s to come: “Across literature, screen and entertainment, Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022 will celebrate and showcase Scotland’s wealth of treasured and iconic stories and storytellers from classics to contemporary.”

From Glasgow’s Celtic Connections in early 2022 to Transgressive North’s Map of Stories come Autumn, we have a full year of exciting events ahead of us. The American Scottish Foundation will be highlighting events as they come along through our magazine, newsletters, and ScotsinUS Podcasts!

Beginning in the early months of the year, from January to March, we will have Celtic Connections presenting ‘Whisper the Song,’ a series of five newly commissioned events celebrating Scotland’s rich tradition of stories, interwoven with music, song and film.

Then, Once Upon a Time in South Ayrshire, beginning with a celebration of Burns then featuring a varied programme of events, exhibitions and experiences that will run across the year.

In February, Spectra – Scotland’s Festival of Light, returns to Aberdeen celebrating the humour, seriousness and sheer gallus of Scotland’s storytellers, including ‘Writ Large’, which will beam the country’s finest contemporary storytellers’ prose and poetry in large scale projections and neon.

Throughout the year, the American Scottish Foundation will be providing you with spotlights on the events as they come.

Watch VisitScotland’s beautiful film on Scotland 2022: Year of Stories here.  Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022 will begin on 1 January 2022 and run until 31 December 2022.  For more information


Upcoming Events

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