As we begin Scotland’s Year of Stories in 2022, ASF spotlights Scotland’s new Makar – Kathleen Jamie. 

Jamie is the fourth poet to receive this honor that was established in 2004 by the Scottish Parliament. She is a poet and an essayist, and will take on the role of promoting poetry throughout Scotland in her role at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh.

Kathleen Jamie Nicola Sturgeon


In August, Nicola Sturgeon, welcomed Kathleen Jamie into the role, which she is succeeding Jackie Kay in. 



Unlike her predecessors, Jamie was appointed only a three year term rather than a five year term, a decision made by the Scottish Government because of “demands the role places on the Makar’s time and other work, and to help encourage greater diversity, variety and interest in the role going forward.”

The role, alongside promoting poetry and its legacy and cultural significance especially during a year such as the Year of Stories, also includes noting events of significance through poetry. 

She was born in Currie, Midlothian and was first published at age 20. She attended Edinburgh University and has written for radio and newspapers alongside her multiple poetry collections.

Kathleen Jamie

Her writing often centers around nature, travel, and culture. 

“I am honoured and delighted to be appointed as Scotland’s new Makar. The post confirms a weel-kent truth: that poetry abides at the heart of Scottish culture, in all our languages, old and new. It’s mysterious, undefinable and bold. It runs deep and sparkles at once”

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