Lindores Abbey in conversation with Camilla G Hellman

On our latest #ScotsinUS podcast, ASF’s Camilla G Hellman spoke to the up and coming whisky distilleries in Scotland. One being Lindores Abbey Distillery.  Lindores Abbey, or ‘the Church by the Water’ was founded in 1119 with an ideal location due to its numerous resources and water that flows through. The land has a longstanding history of agricultural and religious importance. There is a history of distilling at Lindores Abbey since as early as the fifteenth century, but the distilling didn’t come back fully again until 2017. For two decades, Drew McKenzie Smith and his wife Helen planned and researched how to bring a distillery back to Lindores Abbey so they could share the love of whisky with visitors from around the world. Their first single malt whisky was released in 2021. The whisky is available here for whisky lovers around the world.

Alongside loving whisky, the team at Lindores Abbey has a value of sustainability. They are working to preserve the gardens and orchards on their lands, and all the barley is locally sourced. Draff leftover is then food for the cows who live on the land where the barley is cultivated. Lindores Abbey also offers a full experience on their land with whisky tours and their Legacy Bar – for whisky and delicious treats. You can book a distillery tour here:

Listen to the latest #ScotsinUS episode discussing the up and coming distilleries of Scotland. The episode, as well as all past episodes, are available on our Spotify here:



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