We are proud to share that Kids Operating Room, Edinburgh has just opened the world’s first children’s operating room in a refugee setting. The Operating Room was built in Kakuma, Kenya and maintains resources to treat for for 1000 children every year. 

With over 65,000 children living in the zone, we are delighted for the safe surgical resources now available. 

Additionally, last month, KidsOR officially presented the Scottish Government’s donation of PPE to the Zambian Ministry of Health.

The donation included millions of items of protective medical equipment and now is in use by hospital staff as they provide frontline care during the pandemic.

Donate to KidsOR through ASF’s directed giving page -https://www.americanscottishfoundation.com/kidsor.html

  • $65 can give a child a lifesaving operation

  • $250 can monitor for unsafe changes in a child’s condition with a pulse oximeter

  • $1,100 can prevent unsafe changes to a child’s body temperature with a patient warming system.

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