Adventurer to undertake Antarctic row months after open heart surgery -  Wales Online

Jamie Douglas Hamilton is to row the Antarctic! He and five others will begin their journey on January 10th from Elephant Island to South Georgia. The total distance is 950 miles. 

The journey was originally planned for December in 2021, however, Hamilton learned of a heart condition he had that he believe would have killed him on the journey. The heart condition, a bicuspid aortic valve, had gotten exponentially worse after having had COVID and he luckily got it checked out before beginning the treacherous task.

Hamilton recently underwent open heart surgery, and is hoping to raise 100,000 pounds for the British Heart Foundation.

Adventurer attempts Antarctic row after heart surgery

The journey will be done without wind power, and the team hopes to break a record for being the first to row the Scotia sea with human power alone. 

Jamie Douglas Hamilton has broken seven Guiness World Records to date. In 2014 he rowed from Australia to Africa, 5,000 miles across the Indian Ocean. 

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