At the recent Scottish North American Community Conference in December in Washington, DC, the American-Scottish Foundation was honored to be presented with a historic piece of the Wallace Oak by Hunter Clan Chief Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston and of that Ilk.
The small sac ASF were gifted is a wee cutting from the oak to which William Wallace was chained outside Dumbarton Castle near Glasgow, on 3 August 1305 before being forcibly relocated to London, where he was executed.  The tree lasted all these centuries until a storm felled it in 1992.  While this may only be local legend, the tree was dendrochronological dated to before 1305, and the Society of William Wallace has authenticated the gift.
At the ASF, we have added this historic keepsake to our library and archives collection.  As with the remainder of the collection, it is available for research for those interested in history or in Scotland generally.  We welcome all enquiries from friends and members interested in learning more about this growing collection.
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