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New York, NY 10022-2511

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Registration No. NY State 01-68-60

Federal ID No. 237007452


His Grace The Duke of Hamilton and Brandon

Honorary Patrons

Major Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor
Wright Post Palmer

Board of Directors

Chairman Kenneth C. Donnelly
President Camilla G. Hellman, MBE
Vice Chairman Elizabeth DeForest Scott
Treasurer Robert W. Thompson


Chairman Emeritus Alan L Bain
Chairman Emerita Heather L Bain
John Kinnear
Heather M. Quist
The Lord Sempill

Chelsea Chateauvert - Recording Secretary


20-20 Development
Kenneth C. Donnelly

International Advisory
David Cunningham
Olivia M. McLaren
Victor Spence

Marketing & Social Media
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE
Heather M. Quist - Keeper of Written Word
Chelsea Chateauvert
Jamie McGeechan - Music Correspondent, Scotland
Theresa Schilling
David De Mond - Website & Design

Chelsea Chateauvert, Director of Membership

ASF Young Professionals
Chelsea Chateauvert
Kaylyn Paige
Jenny Wales

National Tartan Day New York Committee
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE - ASF Board Representative, Sponsorship & Marketing Committee
Alan L. Bain - Advisor, Past Parade President (2013-15)
Heather M. Quist - Sponsorship & Marketing Committee
Dan McSweeney - Volunteer Logistics & Coordination
Chelsea Chateauvert - Parade Scripter; Line Up Check In

The Scots Who Built New York's Landmarks
John Kinnear - Development and Research
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE - Marketing
Theresa Schilling - Research and Editing
Kaylyn Paige
Heather Quist - Editor

Duncan Bruce
Elizabeth DeForest Scott
Wright Post Palmer
Jonathan Wimpenny

Bursary and Education
Committee in formation

Scottish NA Leadership Conference
SNALC 2018 - Detroit

Camilla G Hellman, MBE
Heather M. Quist

Alan L. Bain, SNALC Chairman Emeritus (2003 - 2017)

SNALC 2017 - Canada 2018 - Detroit
Heather M. Quist - Liason to Canada
Alan L. Bain (ASF)
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE (ASF)

Scottish Coalition, USA
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE
Heather M. Quist

Alan L. Bain, (President 2013-17)

Hamilton Garden at St. Nicholas Park
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE
John Kinnear


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