Administration Office:
864 Lexington Ave, 2nd Floor
New York NY 10065
Tel (929) 499-9025

(call before visiting to ensure we are there)
Federal ID No. 237007452

His Grace The Duke of Hamilton and Brandon

Honorary Patrons
Lord Bruce DL MA MSc FSA Scot
The Rt. Hon. Viscount Dunrossil
M. Douglass Dunn
Earl of Erroll
Olivia Fussell
Rt Hon The Earl of Kinnoull
Major Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor
Dr Joseph Morrow, The Rt. Hon. Lord Lyon King of Arms
Wright Post Palmer
The Lord Sempill
Peter Wilson

Board of Directors
Chairman Kenneth C. Donnelly
President Camilla G. Hellman, MBE
Vice Chairman John Kinnear
Treasurer Robert W. Thompson

Chelsea Chateauvert
David Disi
Elizabeth DeForest Scott
Olivia McLaren
Wendy McEwan
Michael A Reid
Brian Smith

Corporate Secretary Daphne Jacques, Ex Officio


International Advisory
David Cunningham
Martin Hunt actively doing this
Olivia M. McLaren
The Lord Sempill

Director of Membership Chelsea Chateauvert

Wallace Awards
David Disi (Co Chair)
Jenny du Pont (Co Chair)
Olivia Fussell (Co Chair)

Events Committee
Camilla G Hellman, MBE (Chair)
Chelsea Chateauvert
David Disi
Wendy McEwan
Michael Reid
Brian Smith

ASF Library and Archive
Michael Reid (Chair)
Wendy McEwan

ASF Bulletin
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE (Chair)
Michael Reid - Diaspora and Clan Outrach
Samantha Kiumura - Editorial

ASF Young Scots (Under 40)
Isabel Douglas Hamilton International Chair
Chelsea Chateauvert (US Chair)
Cameron Steer (ASF Sports Ambassador)

Lord Malcolm Douglas Hamilton
Bursary Advisory Committee
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE (Chair)
Claire Mackenzie -Theater
Scott Gilmour -Theater
Marjorie Stewart -Dance
Craig Weir -Music/Piping
Cameron Steer -Sports Gary Maclean -Hospitality/Culinary

Marketing & Social Media
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE (Chair)
Michael Reid - Editorial

Multi Media Marketing & Social Media
David De Mond - Creative Director
Samantha Ki8mura - Video Podcast Production
Avery Withers - Marketing Media Associate
Kat Bellew - Social Media

David De Mond Website & Design

UK Media Ambassador
Martin Hunt - Tartan Silk

Office Administrator
Daphne Jacques

National Tartan Day New York Committee
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE - ASF Board Representative
Chelsea Chateauvert
Brian and Jackie Smith
Paul Hands
Suzanne Present

The Scots Who Built New York's Landmarks
John Kinnear - Development and Research
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE - Marketing
Michael Reid - Advisory

Elizabeth DeForest Scott - Advisory
Wright Post Palmer - Advisory

Scottish NA Community Conference
Camilla G Hellman, MBE
Michael Reid, Diaspora Development

The Scottish Coalition, USA
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE
Michael Reid, Diaspora Development

Hamilton Garden at St. Nicholas Park
Camilla G. Hellman, MBE
John Kinnear

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