If you’re in the area, check out these Highland games across the country!

July 21-July 22, Maine Celtic Celebration
July 21-July 24, New Brunswick Highland Games and Scottish Festival
[NB]July 22-July 24, Sherwood Park Highland Gathering (AB)
July 23-July 24, Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games (WA)
July 23-July 24, Okanagan Military Tattoo (BC)
July 24, Uxbridge Scottish Festival Concert (ON)
July 29-July 30, Glengarry Highland Games (ON)
July 29-July 31, Dayton Celtic Festival
July 31, Montreal Scottish Festival and Highland Games (QC)
August 5-August. 7,Goderich Celtic Roots Festival (ON)
August 6, Spokane Highland Games (WA)
August 6, Là Mór Bhaile – Highland Village Day (NS)
August 13, Central New York Scottish Games & Celtic Festival
August 8,Minnesota Scottish Festival and Highland Games (street fair only)
August 11-August 14, Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games (ON)
August 12-August 14, Mangaree Scottish Festival (NS)
August 12-August 14,Ohio Celtic Festival
August 13-August 14, Historic London Town Celtic Festival (MD)
August 14-August 15, Cold Spring Village Midsummer Heritage Music Festival (NJ)
August 16-August 17, Arizona Highland Celtic Festival
August 18-August 20, Folk Fest Saskatchewan (SK)
August 19-August 20, 2022 Maine Highland Games
August 19-August 21, Festival Celtes et Cie de St. Malachie (QC)
August 19-August 21, Miramichi Scottish Festival (NB)
August 20, Edmondton Highland Gathering (AB)
August 20, National Capitol Highland Games (ON)
August 20, Portland Celtic Fantasy Faire (OR)
August 20-August 21, Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival (MT)
August 27, Jamestown Celtic Festival & Gathering of the Clans (NY)
August 27, North Lanark Highland Games (ON)
August 27, Long Island Scottish Festival & Highland Games (NY)
August 27, Green Hill Highland Games (VA)
August 27-August 28, Douglas County Highland Games and Scottish Festival (OR)