Lord Malcolm Douglas Hamilton Bursaries and Education - Past Awards, Events and Bursary Recipients

2013 Bursary Recipients

Uncommon Charter High School

ASF assists in sending Uncommon Charter High School to the National Theatre of Scotland's Youth Theatre Festival

The ASF - through the Lord Malcolm Douglas Hamilton Bursaries and Education - is proud to be supporting the Uncommon Charter High School (UCHS) in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in their goal of attending the National Theater of Scotland's Youth Exchange Festival this July. The Foundation is making a donation to help get talented local high school students to Scotland this July so that they can engage in what will be a fantastic exchange of artistic and cultural ideas.

Uncommon Charter High School is the only youth theatre group from the USA who have been invited to take part in the annual festival. Ten students from the school will head to Scotland to showcase an original piece of theater representing America at the Macrobert Arts Centre at the University of Stirling.

UCHS is committed to providing students with experiences that will ensure they graduate from college and ensuring that their students are exposed to different cultures and life-changing experiences to get them prepared for college and beyond.

Students selected for this opportunity are expected to contribute financially to the cost of their trip, however, as the student population of UCHS come primarily from low-income families, the school is trying to raise as much of the money for the trip as possible from donors who believe in arts education and in this cross cultural experience.

2012 Bursary Recipients

Atlantic Seaway


The American-Scottish Foundation® is proud to help, through the Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton Bursary Program, Atlantic Seaway's Group of young and talented musicians.

Growing out of a group of young students from Berkley College of Music's program, held in association wtih Glasgow College of Music, Atlantic Seaway was developed.

Atlantic Seaway is a creative and educational vehicle - a fusion of traditional Scottish Roots Music and Root music of other countries: most notably, North America, Canada (Nova Scotia), France (Brittany,) and Spain (Asturias).

This innovative ensemble fuses different roots styles in the same program, drawing on a large body of work that explores and authenticates the common threads of these centuries-old creative connections.

2011 Bursary Recipients

New York City Global Partners: Six Scottish Schools to participate in the Global Partners Junior Program for 2010-2011

Global Partners Junior is an award-winning student exchange program that connects New York City youth, ages 9-12, with students around the world through the internet.

This unique program fosters global awareness and develops practical technology skills for middle school youth. From October to June, students communicate online about topics relevant to all cultures using an original curriculum. Students post and read messages to one another and share media projects, video greetings and research facts about their communities.

The American-Scottish Foundation is proud to confirm that six of the twenty six schools taking part in the 2010-2011 program will be through the ASF Scottish link up. The ASF has organized six Scottish schools to take part in the program in the coming year – no schools from Scotland have been part of the program before. Lori Ramsey, who is based in Glasgow will oversee the ASF portion of the project working with the Global Youth office in New York to helping to coordinate and maximize the Scottish portion of the program.

Already trips are being planned by two of the classes to meet their counterparts in New York this coming Spring.

Scottish Schools participating in the program are :

Balgreen Primary School,

Shawlands Academy

Cathedral Primary School

Gavinburn Primary School 

Old Kilpatrick

Alford Academy
Alford, Aberdeenshire

Whitelees Primary
Abronhill, Cumbernauld

Global Partners Junior Visit the Scottish Parliament

On November 10, the Scottish Parliament hosted Global Partners Junior pupils from Ballgreen Primary, Edinburgh. Cathedral Primary, Motherwell. Gavinburn Primary, Old Kilpatrick. Whitelees Primary, Cumbernauld, and Shawlands Academy, Glasgow for a unique videoconference with pupils from two schools in New York.

Global Partners Junior, a program sponsored by New York City Global Partners, Inc., is an award-winning student exchange program that connects New York City youth with students around the world through the Internet. Students communicate online about topics relevant to all cultures using an original curriculum. They post and read messages to one another and share media projects, video greetings and research facts about their communities.

In the Scottish Parliament Building

During the videoconference, students had the chance to ask each other about life in Scotland and New York as well as what each group of students does at school and at home to be more environmentally conscious. The event was hosted in conjunction with the Scottish Parliament, and the American-Scottish Foundation®.

Global Partners Junior Pupils

Were met by Graham Gollan, UK and International Relations Office. Fiona McDougall, Art Curator/Exhibitions Manager, Rosemary Everett and Mary Hershaw, Education and Community Partnerships. Alan Bain, President Emeritus and Lori Ramsay, Director of Scottish Educational Partnerships from The American Scottish Foundation®.

The pupils were given a guided tour of the Parliament building, where they discovered how the building was built with many environmental factors and functions.

The pupils attended the Jacobite Exhibition in the main foyer. Then into the education centre for an electronic quiz hosted by Alan Bain and meeting and photo opportunity with the Deputy Speaker of the House Alasdair Morgan.

In the British Consulate, New York

Please see the report on the New York participation as found on the web site of the British Embassy, Washington. Sir Alan Collins, HM Consul-General in New York, was on hand to greet students along with Marjorie Tiven, NYC Commissioner for the UN, Consular Corps and Protocol, Santiago Taveras, Deputy Chancellor, NYC Department of Education and Camilla Hellman from The American-Scottish Foundation®.

See also news of the event from the Scottish Parliament web site.

2010 Bursary Recipients

PS93 - Mayor's Cup Rugby Festival

The American-Scottish Foundation® is pleased to have worked with PlayRugby USA in sponsoring the West Bronx PS93 school team, representing Great Britain in a 600-plus player tournament held on July 5, 2010.

The team was comprised of 5th grade students from the elementary division.

PS93 played well to achieve a place in the semi-final, which they lost to Brazil. They played brilliantly and with great enthusiasm.

The American-Scottish Foundation® was pleased to be able to arrange pipers for the event, who were able to gather the many players together and rally them for their games in true Scottish fashion.

"It was especially special to have had a sponsor to help us during the tournament. Although the children's opportunity was cut short with the losses, they had a wonderful time. They gave it all they had and that is all I could have asked for since this was their first time competing at the Mayor's Cup. I appreciate the support you have given us and hope to meet with you again. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity." Melissa Martinez, Teacher, PS93

The American-Scottish Foundation® intends to further its association with Mark Griffin's Play Rugby USA foundation and is exploring ways in which it can support this important community initiative on future occasions.

More details of the event can be found at


HAWICK SCHOOL - Fashion Class of 2010

From the Borders of Scotland to New York's Tartan Day Parade - Hawick High School fashion students marched in their creations in the 12th Annual Tartan Day Parade.

Hawick High School’s highly successful creative fashion course made its mark on a global stage, as the students took part in New York’s Tartan Day Parade on April 10, 2010. 

Nineteen students from Hawick School arrived in New York for a five-day whirlwind trip. Invited by The American-Scottish Foundation®, the students were about to experience New York in the most unique of way. From seeing the Broadway production of Hair, meeting with Jim Mather and Alex Fergusson of the Scottish Government, to marching in the 12th Annual Tartan Day Parade, it was a busy few days. And that was before they spend time learning more of the world of fashion in New York.

The students are part of a fashion course and during their short stay they visited FIT seeing first hand what it would be to study in one of the worlds top fashion schools, met with Dougal Munroe of Holland & Sherrys, visited the fashion floors of SAKs, Barneys and other leading retailers ... the list is long.

The course is the only one of its kind in Scotland and has received ongoing recognition since it was launched six years ago. It takes 20 senior pupils every year from all academic abilities and encourages creativity, self confidence and self esteem. 

The course has resulted in many students going on to fashion-related careers, and has been used by Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) to highlight good teaching practice. Last year, the students were awarded the Young Scot Arts Award and have been finalists two years running for the Scottish Education Awards. 

As a result, the students were invited to New York by The American-Scottish Foundation®, one of the three founding organizations of the Tartan Day Parade. They participated in the 12th Annual Tartan Day Parade in outfits they designed and made themselves.

On returning from New York, the students will exhibit the tartan outfits, along with a photographic record of the trip, in the Border Textile Towerhouse in Hawick from 30 April, bringing their experience full circle.

Prior to the trip, Clair Hood explained: “We are all very excited with this news. As well as widening their horizons in relation to their future careers in fashion, this trip will give students a variety of opportunities to develop the course. During the four day trip, they will be presenting an exhibition of photos which were produced with John Parris and they also hope to create links with a design institute in New York which could lead to a possible exchange for atransnational fashion show next year.

“I would like to stress that the success of the course is partly due to the generosity of our local knitwear industries who have supported us even during these difficult economic times. We hope that this trip will enable us to give something back by promoting local businesses and opening up opportunities for them into the future.”

We asked the students for some comments on the experience which we note below. Their enthusiasm and awareness of the unique experience they have just had reflects exactly what we hope the ASF Bursary program can bring into the lives of those connected to it. Your help in supporting the program is greatly appreciated.

"It was a life changing experience" Laura Kyle

"New York was a fantastic opportunity and I am so grateful to have been a
part of it" Kirsten Blackburn

"It was amazing to finally achieve the dream of experiencing New York" Rozee

"An amazing five days that I will never forget" Kirsty Scott

"Exhilarating and exhausting, I loved the adrenaline and diversity of the
city and can't wait to go back" Emma Elliot-Walker

"An amazing experience that I am grateful to have been a part of. Already
saving to get myself back as I loved everything about it" Ashley Gerrard

"It was a life changing experience that proved if you want something and aim
high enough then you can always get there. Can't wait to go back." Siobhan

"It was an amazing experience" Paige Slight

"It was an once in a lifetime experience, I am very grateful to have had"
Hope Jeffrey

"A great trip and a great experience" Gina MacTaggart

"A life changing experience" Sarah Fish

"Great adventure in a city full of opportunity" Emily Huggan



photo credit: Daily News staff

Dancewave’s pre-professional youth dance ensemble, the Dancewave Company, Brooklyn, New York travelled to Scotland to perform in the 2010 Aberdeen International Youth Festival.

The Aberdeen International Youth Festival is the highlight of Aberdeen's cultural calendar, drawing participants from all over the world. The Dancewave Company, composed of 16 young people aged 13-18, was the only US group selected to participate this year.

As festival participants, the Dancewave Company performed at multiple cultural venues over a 10-day period and attended workshop and collaboration sessions with their fellow companies. (They performed a selection of modern works including Paul Taylor's Esplanade, Susan Marshall's Name by Name, Rainbow Etude by Donald McKayle, Underground by David Dorfman, and Garth Fagan's Before). At night, performing companies socialized and presented informal cabarets to each other, fostering cross-cultural friendship and laying the seeds for possible future collaboration. Dancewave Company members also gained a rare opportunity to experience a foreign culture as insiders.

For the 16 hardworking, New York City teens that make up the Dancewave Company, this was the experience of a lifetime. For many, it was their first excursion outside of the US.

The American-Scottish Foundation® is proud to have been able to support and assist Dancewave in this unique experience.

See press cuttings here and here.

"Thank you so very much! Thank you for believing in Dancewave and I can assure you the trip to Scotland was definitely worth it. We had an incredible time and learned so much about each other and about the arts world-wide. This experience would not have been possible without you and for that I am extremely thankful." - Hannah LaBonte

"THANK YOU so much for your generosity and your faith in our company to
make it to Aberdeen. This was such an important experience for me, and I
can confidently say that everyone in the company feels the same way. Going
to AIYF was an opportunity to mature, to grow as artists, to work hard,
and to share a part of ourselves with the rest of the world, and of course
it would never have happened without your support. Thank you!!"
- Nola Smith