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St. Nicholas Park

The Grange, Alexander Hamilton’s home, has been moved by the National Parks Service to St. Nicholas Park. A major renovation of what is now designated a National Monument, the Grange is newly located in land which was once part of Hamilton’s original estate.

Hamilton named his home after the Grange in Stevenson, Scotland, the Hamilton’s family seat since the 16th century.

The ASF has been working with the American Friends of the Georgian Group to help create and fund Scottish-inspired plantings that will now be a part of the landscaping.


The drawing below by John Kinnear AIA is based upon writings from Alexander Hamilton’s diary in which he draws this 18-foot flowerbed and plants to be in it.

To date, events have taken place at Federal Hall and the Penn Club in support of this initiative.

To help in the development of the plantings at the Grange, please download the Environmental Projects Donation Form here.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.


Scotlandís Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop Visits the Grange

Alexander Hamiltonís home, The Grange, at St Nicholas Park, received a visit from Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop during her visit to New York for Scotland Week 2015.  Read more HERE.

John Muir Nature Trail

The John Muir Nature Trail (established in 1997) is Van Cortlandt’s only east–west path, traversing the steep terrain at the park’s center. Park visitors can hike the 1.5–mile path between Broadway and Van Cortlandt Park East.

For a full visual description, take a virtual walk on the trail.

The American-Scottish Foundation® has a long history of involvement and cooperation with the City of New York Department of Parks& Recreation and the Van Cortlandt Park Conservancy.

Following an initial donation to the John Muir Trust in 1994, the ASF sponsored its inaugural annual John Muir Golf Tournament, in partnership with Parks & Recreation, in 1996; which has since become a popular annual event.

Since 1997, The American-Scottish Foundation® has worked with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation in the creation of The John Muir Nature Trail.

In 2001 The American-Scottish Foundation® officially dedicated The John Muir Trail in Van Cortlandt Park with Commissioner Henry Stern, Liz Hanna, John Muir's great, great, great granddaughter and Alison McGachy, Director of the Scottish John Muir Trust, in attendance.

The ASF is proud to sponsor annual internships with the Parks Department of New York and to offer ongoing support for the one and half mile John Muir Nature Trail through an annual program of events and initiatives.


Spring Flowers                $ 100          

Autumn clearing              $ 250

Forester Support             $ 500

Intern Support                 $1000

Named Forestery (3 month)

Internship support            $5000   


ASF sponsors of Intern Forestry Program will be invited to be guests of the ASF at the annual Golf Awards, and will be recognized for their support on the ASFand Van Cortlandt web sites.

To help in the development and upkeep of the John Muir Trail, please download the Environmental Projects Donation Form here.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

The American-Scottish Foundation® continues its involvement in developing and improving this valuable facility in one of the prettiest parks of New York City, such as indicated in the concept plans below.


2017 - Scotland's Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology

Featured Project:
The Isle of Vallay Archaeology/Climate Change Expedition: Implications for Coastal Erosion Worldwide

ASF is pleased to showcase the art work of June Julian to help The Isle of Vallay Archaeology/Climate Change Expedition to return to North Uist and Vallay this summer, 2017. June's watercolours, sold as part of fundraising efforts, are 10"x8" presented in a 14"x11" mat, in a vinyl sleeve. These limited edition prints are $145 each, plus $10 shipping & handling; a portion of proceeds goes to ASF. $45 per print is tax deductible. The American-Scottish Foundation® is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

See this Press Release...

"Sea Pinks, Vallay" "Atlantic Coast, Vallay"
"Vallay Strand, Ebb Tide" "North Uist from Vallay"

©June Julian, Limited Edition Archival Giclée Prints. Signed and Numbered, 2017

The Isle of Vallay Archaeology/Climate Change Expedition: An Explorers Club Flag Expedition 2017

Rodrick B. MacLennan, FN 98, carried Explorers Club Flag #109 on an expedition to the wild and uninhabited island of Vallay in the North Atlantic to record the effects of rising seas and violent storms on endangered coastal archaeology sites. Since 1918, the flag has been carried on hundreds of expeditions: to outer space, to both Poles, to the deepest ocean, and to the highest peaks in the world.

In collaboration with his research associate, visual artist Dr. June Julian, the continuing objective of their Isle of Vallay Archaeology Climate Change Expedition is to record the current status of those early Mesolithic sites first discovered on the Isles of Vallay and North Uist by 19th century archaeologist Erskine Beveridge as impacted by climate change.