Scottish Golf Trust

The American -Scottish Foundation is proud to be working in association with the Scottish Golf Trust to help further its mission to develop youth programming and engagement in the healthy and challenging sport of golf.

The ASF Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton Youth Program Initiatives is, in addition to giving international bursary support to individuals and groups, also seeking to develop collaborations with schools, universities and other organizations, to bring youth together through new innovative programs and exchanges.

The Scottish Golf Trust is a charity established to raise funds for, and support, Scottish golf participation, education and environmental best practice at Scottish golf courses. 

The Scottish Golf Trust seeks to further develop the world-class national junior golf programme, ClubGolf.   Last year alone ClubGolf introduced over 40,000 nine year olds to golf in Scottish schools (representing an astonishing 81% of all nine year olds in Scotland).

Cumulatively the programme has now introduced nearly 300,000 children to golf—delivered by over 1,700 volunteer coaches in over 300 golf clubs nationwide. 

Scottish Golf Trust aims to build on the success of this initiative, encouraging more adults to play and ultimately to get whole families out on the course together. 

In addition, SGT endeavours to educate and develop those children showing promise in the sport, so they can realise their full potential as both golfers and people, as well as investing in the training of club managers and extending pioneering advisory services on best environmental practice for golf courses.

There are various ways to become involved and help support the work of the SGT through a Directed Donation. Please download a Giving Form for further guidance, which can also be mailed in with your donation.

Suggested Levels of Support:

Funding Patron

$20,000 (mail in only)


$10,000 (mail in only)


$ 5,000


$ 2,500


$ 1,250


$ 750


$ 350

Alternatively, please support the SGT by making the donation of your choice using our secure, online Paypal facility below: