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June 24th 2020

Dear Friends

I write to you on behalf of the American Friends of The Guards Museum whose lecture tour took place last year as you know.

This is a Call to Arms! There has never been a time when The Guards Museum's Mission was more important and to ensure that future generations of Guardsmen see and understand artifacts and displays that celebrate the traditions and actions that their predecessors upheld and now pass on to them. We face a global crisis as a result of the Pandemic and the Museum's future may hang in the balance.

Please consider how you can support this wonderful cause by finding a way to give to preserve and strengthen The Guards Museum, recognizing the sacrifices made by Guardsmen in the past and to preserve the memory of their service for years to come.

With gratitude

Roddy Gow, OBE
The American Friends of the Guards Museum


The Museum is very pleased to launch the American Friends of the Guards Museum - offering the British American community a special way of supporting this unique institution.















Other Contribution

Downloadable PDF Form for mail in.

Please note there a number of Directed Giving with Naming Opportunities available and information on these can be provided on request.

The American-Scottish Foundation is proud to work with the Guards Museum to highlight the Restoration and Preservation of the Museum, a designated project of the Foundation. ASF is a not profit 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

June 24th, 2020

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....these were the opening words of Charles Dicken novel, A Tale of Two Cities, written 167 years ago but they still have meaning today. The pandemic has been awful on both sides of the Atlantic but we have also been blessed with outstanding displays of compassion and kindness too.

I write this letter having just watched the Guards deliver a 'socially-distanced' but nevertheless heartfelt birthday tribute to Her Majesty the Queen in the grounds of Windsor Castle channeling the love of the nation to this remarkable woman. The men and women of the Foot Guards regiments, worked tirelessly to make the parade faultless having only just finished staffing COVID-19 Testing Stations around London....a very practical demonstration of the dual role of these outstanding soldiers.

Here in the museum we have been doing whatever we can to maintain some sort of outreach to the world during our enforced lock down. We have launched a very successful weekly podcast entitled, 'Bearskins, Bayonets and Bravery.....Notes from The Guards Museum'

We have also created a number of short videos about the collection on YouTube. Our YouTube Channel link is HERE

In honour May 8th, 1945, I highlight a YouTube tribute we have recorded of that historic day.

We are still operating; answering all the questions the public have about how the Guards are supporting the fight against the pandemic.

The Guards Museum Appeal to you today: All our standard revenue streams have come to a "Stop", or diminished for the foreseeable future. Our income streams from visitors, corporate entertaining, VIP tours, shop sales, are unlikely to return in any volume this year.

However, our costs remain. We have launched an Appeal for as we look to cover our operating overheads and deal with the Museums operating loss this year. All plans for project work are now on hold as we face the challenges of today.

Last year you attended one of the talks I was honoured to give  about the museum.

I am reaching out to you now to ask that you make a donation to help us meet the challenges of the next 12 months.

We are a small independent museum and we try to keep the flag flying on our own merits, I am sure you can imagine how critical our situation is at present.

If you feel you are able to help you can still make deductible donations via the American Scottish Foundation WEBSITE or by Downloading our US Donation form HERE

Please make a difference....please be the difference. Thank you.

Andrew Wallis, MBE, OL, DL

The Guards Museum Wellington Barracks, Birdcage Walk, London SW1E 6HQ

The Guards Museum is home to a unique collection of artefacts and memorabilia dating back four hundred years and representing the history of the five regiments of Foot Guards

The Museum is located close to Buckingham Palace, within Wellington Barracks which is the headquarters of the five regiments of Foot Guards, namely, the Grenadiers, Coldstream, Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards - acknowledged as setting and maintaining the highest possible standards of the British Army.

Together with the two regiments of cavalry, The Life Guards and the Blues and Royals, they comprise Her Majesty’s Household Division Andrew Wallis, Guards Museum Director, is delighted to announce that he will be undertaking an nine-event tour in the United States from April 25th to May 8th.