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The Wallace Award®


The American-Scottish Foundation® introduced the Wallace Award® in 1970 to recognize the extraordinary diversity of contribution that Scots have made to the world - and, in particular, to recognize one or more living citizens or residents of the United States of Scottish descent for their individual contributions to the well being of this country. The Foundation has now expanded the Award's reach to include either Scots or Americans who have made an important contribution to American/Scottish relationships.

The evening allows the ASF to further its mission of strengthening ties between Scotland and the United States and benefits the ongoing work of the Foundation through the pursuit of contemporary social, cultural, educational and business activities.

Honorees are selected by the Board of Directors of the American-Scottish Foundation® from nominations submitted by interested groups. It is the most significant event for the ASF during the year and the selection of Honourees is done with much thought and deliberation.

November 8, 2019
Wallace Award Gala Dinner
Wallace Awards
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  • To recognize living citizens or residents of the United States or Canada of Scottish Descent for outstanding achievement or significant contribution in their field of endeavor.
  • To recognize "in memoriam" citizens or residents of the United States or Canada of Scottish Descent for outstanding achievement or significant contribution in their field of endeavor.
  • To recognize living Scots and Americans for their contribution to Scottish-American relationships.

Recipients of The American-Scottish Foundation Wallace Award

Recent recipients (2000-2022)
(reverse order)

Charles, Lord Bruce
Francis Finlay, CMG, OBE
Paul Little
Sir Moir Lockhead, National Trust For Scotland, Chairman
Dr Andy Scott, Sculptor
Sir Thomas M. Devine, Kt OBE FBA FRSE,Scottish historian & academic
Sir Tom Farmer, CVO CBE KCSG DL, Founding Chancellor of Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Kenneth B. Miller, Academic & Publisher
Mr. Claudio Del Vecchio, Chairman & CEO, Brooks Brothers
Sir Ian Wood, CBE - Chairman, John Wood Group PLC (1967-2012)
Ms. Duncan MacDonald - Founder, Scottish Coalition USA
Dr. Alan L. Bain - President Emeritus, ASF (now Chairman)
Duncan A. Bruce - Historian
The Rt. Hon. Lord Smith of Kelvin
The Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen Former Secretary General of NATO
Euan Baird - Chairman, Schlumberger; Non-Executive Chairman, Rolls Royce 
Donald & Eleanor Taffner Philanthropists
The Forbes Family :
Christopher Forbes - Vice Chairman, Forbes Inc.;
Moira Forbes - Mumma President, The Community Coalition;
Robert L. Forbes - Vice President, Forbes Inc.;, President, Forbes Life magazine
Steve Forbes - Chairman and CEO, Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes magazine;
Timothy Forbes - President and COO, Forbes
Sir Sean Connery - Actor
Former Senator Trent Lott - U.S. Senate Majority Leader (1996 - Present)
Robert R Douglass

Historic recipients (1970-1990)

Russell Barnett Aitken
Hon. Robert B. Anderson
Hon. J. Sinclair Armstrong
Louis S. Auchincloss, Esquire
Drummond C. Bell
William Blackie
The Hon. Herbert Brownell
Amb. Wiley T. Buchanan
Robert J. Callander
Hon. C. Douglas Dillon
Donald Wills Douglas
Robert R. Douglass, Esquire
Hugh Malcolm Downs
Philip Livingston Du Val
John Elliott, Jr.
Chester H. Ferguson
James L. Ferguson
Dr. John Stuart Foster, Jr.
Miss Greer Garson Fogleston
Gen. James W. Garard
The Hon. Jean S. Gerard
Dr. Norma Lorre Goodrich
J. Peter Grace
Lt. Gen. Daniel O. Graham
Robert C. Graham, Sr.
John Murdoch Harbert III
Alison McDaniel Harwood
Dr. D. Gilbert Highet
Hon. Jack R. Howard
John Kenneth Jamieson
Amb. Francis L. Kellogg
Amb. David M. Kennedy
Dr. Grayson L. Kirk, KBE
Hon. Melvin Laird
Hon. Edward H. Levi
Hon. John V. Lindsay
Hon. Robert A. Lovett
Howard W. McCall, Jr.
Capt. Bruce McCandless, USN
Sen. John L. McClellan
James E. McCracken
Dr. Paul W. McCracken
Sanford N. McDonnell
John Key McKinley
Hon. John L. McLucas
Donald S. McNaughton
Robert L. McNeil, Jr.
Mrs. Douglas MacArthur
Malcolm MacNaughton
Robert MacNeil
Nestor J. MacDonald
Ray W. MacDonald
Hon. Clark MacGregor
Sir Ian Kinloch MacGregor
Miss Helen MacInnes
Malcolm A. MacIntyre
Archibald MacLeish
The Rev. Dr. Dougald Lachlan Maclean
William B. Macomber
Thomas H. Meikle, Jr., M.D.
Judge Leonard Moore
Robert Motherwell
Dr. Linus Carl Pauling
William Henry Wood Prince
Rev. Dr. David H. C. Read
James Reston
S. Dillon Ripley II
Cliff Robertson
Ian Rolland
George Russell
Hendrick Smith
R. Brinkley Smithers
William I. Spencer
Dr. Wallace Sterling
Justice Potter Stewart
Col. Thomas H. Stewart III
Amb. Henry J. Taylor
Robert Brown (Bobby) Thomson
Amb. Malcolm Toon
James Van Alen
Mrs. Diana Dalziel Vreeland
Senator Malcolm Wallop
James D. Watson, Ph.D.
Gov. Malcolm Wilson
Arthur MacDougall Wood

And in Memoriam:

Alexander Graham Bell
Andrew Carnegie
Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton
General of the Army Douglas MacArthur