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Mary Queen of Scots and the Men Who Influenced Her Life

October 22
4:30 PM Via Zoom

There is no doubt that Mary, Queen of Scots led a dramatic life, but how much was that driven by the  men in which she placed her trust, and indeed married. Anne Daly from Mary's Meanders Tours will discuss the contribution some of those men made to her downfall.

By the age of 25, Mary had married, and lost, three husbands; been involved, allegedly, in two murders; been pregnant twice, miscarrying twins and being forced to leave her young son; and had to negotiate her way through the turbulent religious reformation that was taking place in Scotland. No wonder her story has inspired writers and film-makers throughout the years.

Focussing particularly on Mary's half brother James Stewart, The Earl,of Moray, and her husbands' Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley and James Hepburn, The Earl of Bothwell, Anne will lead you through the intrigue and plotting that took place and ultimately led to the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

This short 40min insight into the life of Mary, Queen of Scots will take place via Zoom and there will be ample time for questions.