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Scotland's Dunfermline

Ancient Royal Capital and Newest City
The Place that Shaped Young Andrew Carnegie

Talk and Reception
6:00 PM
Wednesday, April 3, 2024

New York City

Join us in this discussion with Gillian Taylor, CEO of the Carnegie Dunfermline and UK Hero Fund Trusts.

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Once Scotland’s ancient royal capital, Dunfermline is now Scotland’s newest city being granted city status by the late Queen Elizabeth in 2022.

Dunfermline is located in the centre of Scotland, just north of Edinburgh across the iconic Forth bridges and is the birthplace of world-famous philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie.

Dunfermline has a truly fascinating history. In the heart of the city sits a rich heritage quarter comprising of medieval buildings including a 12th century Abbey that is final resting place of 11 Scottish Kings and Queens, including King Robert the Bruce. Located next door to the Abbey and adjoining Royal Palace ruins, is the first Carnegie library in the world with its award-winning contemporary galleries that tell the story of Dunfermline and her people. Nestled close by, is the humble cottage where Andrew Carnegie was born and is now a museum telling his incredible story and his impact on the world we live in.

Pittencrief Park and House

Pittencrieff Park is a magnificent 80-acre greenspace located in the heart of Dunfermline Heritage Quarter. The park was gifted to the people of Dunfermline in 1903 by Andrew Carnegie. As a boy growing up in Dunfermline, young Andrew had been banned from entering the then-private Pittencrieff Estate. After he made his vast fortune in American steel, he took great delight in buying Pittencrieff House and Glen and opening the gates to everyone.

He established the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust in 1903 and instructed the Trustees to turn Pittencrieff Estate into a recreational park to bring ‘sweetness and light’ to the citizens and visitors of his beloved hometown.

The centrepiece of the park is Pittencrieff House, a beautiful 17th Century Laird’s House and former home of Brigadier General John Forbes, former home of Brigadier General John Forbes who forged the Forbes Trail through Pennsylvania and who was later to found and name the city of Pittsburgh. Andrew Carnegie described Pittencrieff Park as ‘the most soul-satisfying public gift I have ever made or can make’. Strong words indeed from a man who gifted so much throughout his lifetime.

The Carnegie Dunfermline Trust is proud to be working with the American-Scottish Foundation on an ambitious restoration and enhancement project to keep Andrew Carnegie’s legacy alive and ensure that Pittencrieff Park and House remains a top destination in the 21st Century.

Gillian Taylor

Gillian Taylor is the CEO of the Carnegie Dunfermline and UK Hero Fund Trusts. She joined the Scottish based Carnegie Trust in June 2020 following a varied career in Scottish Local Government and running her own business ventures.

Gillian originally trained as an accountant before moving into community development work. While working as the Community Development Manager for Dunfermline, she became inspired by the remarkable story of Andrew Carnegie and his ongoing legacy.

When the CEO position in the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust became available, she jumped at the chance to apply and now feels that she has the best job in the world! The purpose of her organization is to bring ‘sweetness and light’ to the people of Andrew Carnegie’s hometown of Dunfermline through a program of grant giving and partnership working. The Trust also operates the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum which tells the rags to riches story of philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. In addition, the Trust oversees the Carnegie Hero Fund Trust which honors outstanding acts of civilian heroism throughout Great Britain and Ireland.

Gillian is very proud to be part of the global family of Carnegie institutions and is delighted to be hosted by sister-organization the Carnegie Corporation of New York for this talk.

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