Planned Giving

The Board of Directors of the American-Scottish Foundation® wishes to invite its members and benefactors to remember the Foundation and its projects through planned giving. The Foundation is always grateful for the generosity of its members and recognizes that members may wish to remember the Foundation in their Last Will and Testament or as part of their estate plan.

Planned giving can take many forms. In addition to the personal generosity planned giving reflects, it may present donors with significant tax benefits, both individually and for one's estate. The most basic way to remember the Foundation in your estate plan is through the use of a specific bequest in your Last Will and Testament. A specific bequest in a Will may read, "I hereby give, bequeath and devise the sum of $10,000.00 to the American-Scottish Foundation." A specific bequest may also take the form of leaving real estate, artwork, or other property.

Members may also consider establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust for the benefit of the Foundation. By utilizing a Charitable Remainder Trust, an individual places money or property in Trust. The donor receives income from the Trust for a term of years or for life, with the remainder of the Trust assets going to the Foundation. In return, the donor is reducing the size of her estate, possibly reducing or eliminating estate taxes. In addition, there may be significant capital gains savings to the donor by donating highly appreciated property to the Foundation through a Charitable Remainder Trust.

In addition to the use of bequests and Trusts, donors may consider naming the Foundation as the designated beneficiary on a life insurance policy, annuity or retirement account.

Importantly, many aspects of planned giving benefit the Foundation and the donor/member. In addition to the tax benefits, the donor gets the comfort of knowing that she has provided a lasting legacy to the Foundation. The Foundation gets much needed resources to continue its mission and good works in promoting Scottish heritage.

The American-Scottish Foundation, together with estate planning attorney Harold A. Bollaci, are pleased to discuss with members various methods of planned giving, now and in the future. Please call Director of Development Camilla G. Hellman, MBE for further information.

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