The Scottish Coalition USA comprises six leading national organizations who share the mission to further interests and common goals throughout the United States through collaboration.

Member Organizations are:

  • The American-Scottish Foundation®
  • Scottish Heritage, USA
  • The Living Legacy of Scotland, Inc.
  • The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals
  • Scottish American Military Society
  • Council of Scottish Clans and Association

Dating back to the mid-1970s, The Scottish Coalition, USA, started as a loose consortium of seven heritage-oriented national organizations, each a not-for-profit charitable organization. These include the American-Scottish Foundation (ASF), the Caledonian Foundation, Scottish Heritage USA (SHUSA), the Living Legacy of Scotland, the Scottish-American Military Society (SAMS), the Association of Scottish Games & Festivals (ASGF) and the Council of Scottish Clans & Associations (COSCA).

The American-Scottish Foundation (ASF), was established in 1956 by Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton and his American wife, Lady Natalie Douglas-Hamilton, as a bridge between the peoples of Scotland and the United States. ASF seeks to strengthen & support the future of the Scottish American community, its heritage and cultural legacy through social, cultural, educational, and business activities.

The New York City-based ASF puts on Scottish cultural, art and heritage programs, as well as coordinating the Annual National Tartan Day events and the New York City Tartan Day Parade.

Scottish Heritage USA was founded in 1965 by Ward Melville “to recognize and enhance the original bonds of ancestral and national character among the peoples of Scotland and North America; and to disseminate knowledge of their respective cultural heritages; and in furtherance of such purposes to support the preservation of historic sites, the maintenance of centers of artistic and literary endeavor and such other activities as may be appropriate”.

The Living Legacy of Scotland, based in Washington, DC, is a non-profit organization dedicated to two important goals: firstly, preserving the rich heritage of  people of Scottish birth or descent and the contributions they have made to this country and to the world; and secondly, seeking to ensure that this heritage remains a vital, living stimulus for future accomplishments. In pursuit of these aims we create written and visual materials that can be distributed and mobile displays than can be presented in schools, museums, and libraries, and at festivals and cultural events.

The Scottish–American Military Society (SAMS) was founded and chartered in North Carolina, April 12, 1981, as a non-profit veterans organization composed primarily of veterans of Scottish ancestry who have served- or are serving – in the Armed Forces of the United States and the Commonwealth.

The Association of Scottish Games & Festivals (ASGF) represents the Highland games organizations scattered across the country, of which there are over 75. It also provides its member organizations with a clearinghouse of ideas, resources, and information.

Council of Scottish Clans & Associations (COSCA) is the national professional association for the clan societies in America. It was founded in 1976 by Dr. Herbert MacNeal and a handful of other dedicated volunteers for the purpose of supporting Scottish Clan organizations and preserving Scottish heritage. The initial meeting was held at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in Linville, NC and we continue to honor this tradition by gathering on the mountain annually.

The Coalition has been instrumental in setting up a national platform for the Observance of Tartan Day in the US, through the development of a network of State representatives. Over 33 states are represented at this time with the American-Scottish Foundation representing New York State as of January 2012. 

National Tartan Day Award – Nomination Process

NOMINATION PROCESS :  A communication is sent from TSC USA to leading Scottish American organizations, organizers of Games and Festivals, leading Clans, and individual National Tartan Day Coordinators, requesting their nominee.  An organization or individual leading...

Scottish Coalition USA National Tartan Day Award

Past National Tartan Day Award Recipients As part of the National Tartan Day Washington DC celebration of Tartan Day, The Scottish Coalition, USA presents The National Tartan Day Award. Past recipients are: 2003 - Duncan Bruce 2004 - Ellis MacDonald  2005 - Ethyl Ray...

NYC Tartan Day History

After the U.S. Senate officially recognized Tartan Day in 1998, Alan Bain, Chairman of the American Scottish Foundation, was tasked by The Scottish Coalition USA to organize a Tartan Day celebration for New York City and in 1998 the first Tartan Day Parade, consisting...

National Tartan Day – History

Tartan Day is a North American celebration of Scottish heritage on April 6, the date on which the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. It originated in Canada in the mid-1980s. It spread to other communities of the Scottish diaspora in the 1990s. In Australia...