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Camilla G Hellman, MBE

Highlights from the American-Scottish Foundation’s Annual General Meeting

On Monday October 5th, the American-Scottish Foundation Annual General Meeting was held virtually.


Duly elected to serve for the upcoming year
were officers:
Kenneth Donnelly – Chairman
Camilla G Hellman, MBE – President
Elizabeth De Forest Scott – Vice Chairman
Robert Thompson – Treasurer
Heather Quist – Corporate Secretary

and to serve on the Board:
Chelsea Chateauvert, David Disi, John Kinnear, Olivia McLaren, Michael Reid, The Lord Sempill

A Look Back On The ASF In 2019 & 2020

Our Mission

The American-Scottish Foundation®, was established in 1956 as a bridge between Scotland and the United States. Its mission is as important today as when founded by Lord Malcolm Douglas Hamilton.

ASF seeks to strengthen & support the future of the Scottish American community, its heritage and cultural legacy through social, cultural, educational, and business activities.



On the 46th Anniversary of the first New York Scotland Week organized by the American Scottish Foundation in New York during November 11 – 19 1974, the Foundation proudly announced the deeding of a sizable trove of letters, photographs, manuscripts (unpublished), books, newspaper clippings, documents relating to the work of our founders Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton and his wife, Lady Natalie Douglas-Hamilton. Learn More . . .


From the earliest days, Scots have contributed much to the growth of New York City, and our series of talks titled “The Scots Who Built New York” illustrated this.

We’ve now been developing a series of walking tour maps – the first one around Lower Manhattan and Midtown East & West was launched in April 2019.

In October 2020, working with the Carnegie Corporation we added a second map to our series of Walking Tour Maps.

In 2021 we look to develop an additional map to the series covering Upper East and Upper West NYC –  leading to our full mobile app so that over 90 locations around the city can be spotlighted.

For more information and to support this project, please click here.



News and Updates on
the Clan Hannay Sorbie Tower Restoration Appeal



News and Updates for
Kids Operating Room

Support The American Scottish Foundation

There are many ways to support the Foundation, including: attending events; being a member; making donations; and serving on a committee.

Our programs are varied and our Initiatives section showcases particular areas of ASF’s work, enabling gifting to programs which you specifically wish to support.

Listen too David Cunningham CEO, Kids Operating Room as tells about his work with this Scottish charity which is bringing children access to life-changing and life-saving surgery from Africa to Latin America, transforming the lives of vulnerable children. To hear visit either of our podcasts on Anchor, Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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