Photographer Spotlight: Alexander Lindsay

This week in London, Alexander Lindsay’s latest exhibition will open in London at Stephen Ongpin Fine Art and will run through February 26th, 2023.

Cameron Steer Hogmanay Reflection

As the final hours of the year tick away, many people around the world are preparing to ring in the New Year with celebrations and traditions. In Scotland, Hogmanay is a very special time-honored celebration that dates back centuries

Jamie Douglas Hamilton to Row the Antarctic

Jamie Douglas Hamilton, nephew of our founder Alexander Hamilton is to row the Antarctic! He and five others will begin their journey on January 10th from Elephant Island to South Georgia. The total distance is 950 miles.

Gin Bothy – The Accidental Gin Maker

On a recent podcast, ASF’s president Camilla Hellman had the opportunity to speak to Kim Cameron of Gin Bothy who explained the fun story of how they began.

scotland vs ukraine

Nations League Review – Scotland vs Ukraine

Written by Cameron Steer After a meeting to forget against Ukraine last time out in the Semi-Final of the WorldCup Qualifiers in May, Scotland played the role of host again this time out as they soughtmake up for their heartbreaking loss four months ago, which set the...

Scotland in Europe – UEFA Champions League Match Week One

Scotland in Europe - UEFA Champions League Match Week One Written by Cameron Steer  It's been a while since Scottish football fans were able to witness our two domestic giants compete in the UEFA Champions League, fifteen years in fact, but this week we were treated...
scottish professional football league

SPFL Bi-Weekly Round Up August 13th-21st

Cameron Steer’s SPFL Bi-Weekley Roundup August 13th to 21st.

football roundup

The Scottish Premiership Season Bi-Weekly Review

After a lengthy summer break, Scottish football fans finally have the adrenaline of
SPFL action back in their weekends.

lanark Ontario

The Heart of the Lanark Highlands

Cameron Steer reports on Lanark, Ontario.

siobhan Mackenzie tartan

Siobhan Mackenzie Designing for Team Scotland – Commonwealth Games

ASF is delighted to share that Siobhan Mackenzie is designing the tartan and Opening Ceremony outfits for Team Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Magazine Topics

The Rise of Eco-Fashion in Scotland

The Rise of Eco-Fashion in Scotland

During the recent Scottish North American Community Conference, three prominent leaders in the efforts toward sustainability in fashion in Scotland spoke – Chris Hunt, Siobhan Mackenzie, and Prickly Thistle.

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2021 Scottish North American Community Conference

2021 Scottish North American Community Conference

Thank you to everyone who joined us  for the Scottish North American Community Conference 2021. The Conference was organized by The American-Scottish Foundation® Chicago Scots, St. Andrew's Society of Detroit Council of Scottish Clans & Associations Clans And...

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Scotland 2022: Year of Stories

Scotland 2022: Year of Stories

In 2022, we celebrate Scotland’s Year of Stories. After finishing two years of Scotland's Coasts and Waters, the Scottish Government has announced the new direction of Scotland for 2022. VisitScotland summarizes what's to come: “Across literature, screen and...

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Scottish Sport Roundup

Scottish Sport Roundup

Exciting Scottish sports news from our sports writer Cameron Steer! November's concluding World Cup qualifying fixtures brought a lot of fortune for Scottish football fans as two wins in our last two games confirmed a seeded place in the World Cup Play-Off Semi Final...

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